Introduction to polarimeter

Polarimeter construction parts:

1. Light source 2. Frosted glass 3. Condenser 4. Filter lens 5. Polarizer 6. Half wave plate 7. Test tube 8. Detector 9. Object, eyepiece group 10. Focusing hand wheel 11. Reading magnifier 12. Dial And cursor 13. dial rotating handwheel

working principle:

When the test tube is placed in the test tube containing the solution to be tested, since the solution has optical rotation, the plane polarized light is rotated by an angle, and the zero-degree field of view changes. When the angle of the analyzer is rotated, the brightness can be re-appared again. Field of view. This angle is the optical rotation of the solution. After measuring the optical rotation of the solution, the specific rotation of the substance can be determined. According to the specific rotation degree, the purity and content of the substance can be determined.


1 Connect the polarimeter to a 220V AC power supply. Turn on the power switch, and after about 5 minutes, the sodium lamp will light up normally and you can start working.
2 Check if the zero position of the polarimeter is accurate, that is, when the polarimeter is not placed in the test tube or placed in the test tube filled with distilled water, observe whether the field of view brightness is the same at zero degree. If it is inconsistent, it indicates that there is a zero error, and the deviation value should be subtracted or added to the measurement reading. Or relax the four screws on the back of the disc cover, and correct the disc cover slightly (only correct the error of about 0.5 °, serious should be sent to the factory for inspection).
3 Select the appropriate length of test tube, fill the test solution, install the rubber band, and screw the nut until there is no water leakage. The nut should not be screwed too tightly, otherwise the protective glass will cause stress and affect the correctness of the reading. Then, the residual solution at both ends of the test tube is dried to avoid affecting the observation clarity and the measurement accuracy.
4 Determine the optical rotation reading: rotate the dial, the analyzer, and the position in the field of view with the same brightness, and then read from the dial. The reading is positive for the right-handed substance and the negative for the left-handed substance.
5 Using the double cursor reading method, the result can be obtained according to the following formula: Q=(A+B)/2 where: A and B are the values ​​of the two cursor window readings respectively. If A=B, and the dial is turned to any position, it means that the polarimeter has no eccentricity (normally, the polarimeter has been calibrated before leaving the factory), and the item reading method can be omitted.
6 Optical rotation and temperature are also related. For most substances, λ = 5893 A (sodium light) was measured, and when the temperature was raised by 1 ° C, the optical rotation was reduced by about 0.3%. For the most demanding measurement work, it is best to carry out at 20 °C ± 2 °C.

Maintenance of the polarimeter:

1 The polarimeter should be placed in a well ventilated and well-ventilated place to protect it from moisture.
2 The continuous use of the polarimeter should not exceed 4 hours. If the use time is long, the middle should be turned off for 10 to 15 minutes. After the sodium lamp is cooled, continue to use it, or blow it with an electric fan to reduce the degree of heat of the lamp to avoid the decrease of brightness and the decrease of life.
3 After using the test tube, pour out the solution in time, wash it with distilled water, and dry it. All lenses should not be rubbed directly with your hands and rubbed with a soft flannel.
4 If there is any problem during the use of the polarimeter, you can contact the Chengdu Yayuan Technology after-sales engineer in time.
5 When the polarimeter is deactivated, the plastic sleeve should be placed over. When packing, put it into the box in a fixed position and press it tightly.

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