Can Bensulfuron be Used for Soil Closure in Wheat Fields?

Q: I am Danyang City agricultural capital business households. Will the machine use the 50% butachlor 150 ml plus 10% bensulfuron 20 grams per mu for soil closure? Answer: Butachlor and bensulfuron can be used for soil closure before seedlings in wheat. Use 50% butachlor EC per acre 150ml, 10% bensulfuron-methyl wettable powder 20g, the amount of appropriate. 50% benzbutyl glyphosate wettable powder of Tongzhou Zhengda Pesticide Chemical Co., Ltd. of Jiangsu Province, containing 0.5% of bensulfuron-methyl, 31.2% of glyphosate, and 18.3% of butachlor, registered for use in no-till and winter wheat fields to control annual and annual For perennial weeds, the recommended dosage per hectare is 2250-3000 grams, which is equivalent to 1.5-2 grams of bensulfuron-methyl per acre, 54.9-73.2 grams of butachlor pure drug, and 93.6-124.8 grams of pure glyphosate. This medicine is suitable for use before no-tillage wheat. Among them, glyphosate is used to exterminate residual grasses and young grasses in paddy fields; butachlor and bensulfuron are used for soil closure. For production, refer to the relevant parameters and use a single-dose tank.

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