Citrus antifreeze measures

Trunk bales: The straw is wrapped around the trunk of the citrus with straw height of 1 to 1.5 meters. If we enclose a layer of film outside the straw, the effect is better. To bundle the grass on the trunk, be sure to remove the bundle before the summer comes. Otherwise, it is unfavorable to the growth of the plants and can also cause pests and diseases.

Ground Covering: Covering a layer of citrus plants with straw, leaves, weeds, etc. will help increase the temperature of the ground and reduce the damage to the roots of the trees caused by freezing. The thickness of the cover is preferably 2 to 4 cm.

Earthworms: Because citrus grafts cannot be buried in the soil, they must be exposed. Generally, the soil of the citrus pods is thinner. Earthworms can raise the temperature of the ankles, protect the roots, and reduce the degree of freezing damage to the ankles. Covering the thickness of 6 ~ 10 cm is appropriate, covering the width of the earth to cover the chin. When the temperature rises, summer is coming and the soil will be transported away.

Sheltered antifreeze: For the varieties and young trees with low topography and susceptibility to freezing injury, in addition to the main stem bales, the entire tree can be used to prevent freezing. During the scaffolding, except for the ventilation and ventilation of the sunny side, the upper side and other three sides shall be tightly closed. It is also possible to cover the whole tree with agricultural film and let it become a greenhouse. After the temperature rises, it is necessary to immediately release the agricultural film so as not to overheat the leaves or plants.

Smoke Insulation: Insulated with sawdust, weeds, leaves, rice husks, dead branches and other materials to allow it to ignite, allowing the smoke to cover the orchard and form an insulation layer, which can increase the temperature in the garden and reduce the degree of citrus frost damage. . Generally when setting up a smokestack, small orchards are arranged 3 to 4 per mu, and large orchards are arranged 1 to 2 per mu.

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