Rice seedling raising techniques

According to a survey conducted in recent years, most rice seedlings are raised in the rice field. Honda's poor permeability and cold slush during constant flooding are not conducive to cultivating strong seedlings and post-emergence disease. Dry seedlings are used to cultivate rice seedlings under dry conditions. The dry land is rich in oxygen, and the water, gas, and fertilizers are easily coordinated. This is conducive to the cultivation of strong maggots. The advantages of using glutinous rice seedlings can be used to reduce the planting density in the field and use the tillers more efficiently. Spike, to achieve a large number of large spikes, stable production and high yield. The main advantages of this technology are: strong seedlings, strong root activity, good cold resistance, rapid rooting after planting, strong tillering, high spike-forming rate, large spikes and grains, good fruiting performance, early planting and early maturing, and improved drought-resistance. Conventional planting 3-5 days earlier. 1. Pre-broadcast preparation (1) Seedbed selection and preparation: Choose a dry land (generally in your own home) that is convenient for watering and drying, use the same size and specifications to make a good bed, compact the bottom of the bed, and then spread the prepared bed. Soil, in order to raise the ground temperature, the shed film is buckled 5-7 days in advance. (2) Bed and soil preparation: According to the fertility status of Soda Farm, a well-developed farmyard manure can also be used as a mountainous humus soil. Normally, it is necessary to adjust the acid when raising the seedlings, but now the cultivated seedling raising soil is generally not acidified and fertilized. Soil thickness is generally 5-6 cm. (3) Seed preparation: 1 Shaizhong: first seed drying 3-5 days, increase the rate and germination potential. 2 selection of species: After the wind and salt selection. 3 disinfection soaking: first disinfection with a bactericide for 4 days, then water temperature of 15 °C acid (PH = 3.5-4) immersion 3-4 days, remove and rinse with water, germination. Acid soaking technology: According to authoritative data, soaking in acid water with a PH value of 3.5-4.0 can significantly increase the germination rate and germination power of rice seeds, shorten the number of germination days and the number of breaks in the chest. The seedling stems are thick and the root system is developed. The incidence of rice seedling blight is greatly reduced, and rice water can be increased in a certain range, and the yield increase range is 6%-9%. 4 germination: soaking the seeds can germinate, the general temperature of about 30 °C, such as acidizing with water soaked seeds, 20-22 hours can break the chest, when 80% of the chest can be put into the cool shade after the dew to be sown . 2, sowing: generally sowing on April 10-15, sowing the amount of 4-5 two / wet seeds. One day before sowing, the seedbeds were poured with water, and once sowing, they were filled with water once more. The seeds were spread evenly on the bed, and then the water was poured with a fine-eye watering can to make the seeds stick to the bed surface and cover the sieved fine soil (adding weed and closed). Spread a layer of film to maintain moisture and facilitate emergence. 3, Putian management: After the seedlings are lifted, the tiled film is peeled off, the temperature of the canopy is maintained at about 30 degrees, and after the complete leaves of the seedlings are expanded, the ventilation opening is reduced to about 25°C. Note: The start of ventilation is small winds, side winds, gradual winds, gradually turning into natural hardening. Fertilizer management: After unearthed seedlings, if there are spit-watering phenomenon in the morning tip, it means that there is no shortage of water. If there is no spit-out phenomenon, the water should be replenished immediately. The water should be drenched once, and the dry nursery should be based on the base fertilizer.

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