Rapeseed fertilizer applied to prevent freezing and promote growth

The application of wax fertilizer to rape is an important measure to increase production. Its role is mainly reflected in the following three aspects: Insulation and anti-freezing application of farmyard fertilizer with more phosphorus and potassium as wax fertilizer, can increase the ground temperature 2 ~ 3 °C, increase the potassium content of plant cells, enhance the water holding capacity of cells, make plants It is not easy to freeze at cold temperatures and free from freezing injury. In addition, the addition of organic fertilizer can also increase the concentration of salt in the soil solution and reduce the damage of the rape root system. Promoting the growth of Brassica rapa L. rapeseed Rape is the period of absorption of phosphorus and potassium nutrients in the most period, the application of wax fertilizer can ensure the supply of phosphorus and potassium nutrients during this period, thereby promoting the growth of rapeseed, increasing the number of effective branches and pods. The flowering and maturation stage of rapeseed spring rape is the most vigorous period of reproductive growth, and the absorption of phosphorus reaches a peak, accounting for about 60% of the whole growth period, and it also needs to absorb a certain amount of nitrogen and potassium nutrition. In spring, the temperature rises quickly and the humidity is high. If quick-effect fertilizers are applied, the plants will go wild and cause lodging and diseases. The application of organic fertilizer-based wax fertilizer, energy continuously released nutrients, to the later growth and development of rape, so as to achieve the purpose of long spring rape rape. The application amount of wax fertilizer depends on the seedling condition, the seedling condition is good, and the thick fat is applied more often, and the heat preservation is the main condition; if the seedling condition is poor, more fertilizer is applied to provide nutrients. Generally, 1200-1500 kilograms of soil-fertilizer per mu or 700-800 kilograms of decomposed pig manure is applied, and 10-15 kilograms of superphosphate are applied. Due to the shortage of nitrogen and early rapeseed rape, 400 kilos of manure or urea and 5-6 kg of urea were added to the plant. The application time of wax fertilizer should be determined by fertilizer due to seedlings. The bulky soil fertilizer and early application of pig manure must be applied before the field is closed. The quick-acting fertilizer or human excreta, which is added with water, is generally applied from the winter solstice to the Osamu. Fertilization must be combined with cultivator roots to bury the fertilizer in the soil.

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