How to do vegetables shed

According to the forecast of experts, the average temperature in winter this year is 0.2°C~0.5°C lower than the same period of previous years. The cold winter is the biggest test for greenhouse vegetables, especially some old sheds for more than 10 years.

So how can we increase the insulation in the winter for the old sheds and the relatively thin walled sheds? The author made the following suggestions for vegetable farmers.

Wall thickening

The reason why vegetable sheds can produce vegetables in winter is to rely on thick shed walls for heat preservation and heat preservation. If the shed walls are too thin, there will be no effect of heat storage and heat preservation, and the temperature in sheds will change drastically and be easily affected. Freezing damage. Generally about 50 centimeters of permafrost, which requires the thickness of the wall is greater than 1 meter can store heat, the thicker the wall insulation performance is better, this is the reason for the widening of the wall of the modern greenhouse. Then, for thin-walled sheds, a layer of attachments can be placed on the outside to provide insulation and protection against cold.

Seal various heat gaps

Check the pores immediately before entering the winter and seal them as soon as they are found. The first thing to do is to check whether there are holes or pores in the shed film or wall. Once it is found, it should be immediately glued and plugged. Second, we must pay special attention to closing the entrance to the greenhouse and use old membranes, clothes, etc. to plug the crevices. It is also advisable to suspend the insulation at the entrance of the greenhouse to prevent the cold air from affecting the vegetables.

In front of the shed

The cold-proof ditch can cut off the heat exchange inside and outside the greenhouse and prevent the permafrost layer from extending into the shed, which is an important measure to reduce the temperature drop in the shed. Dig a trench of 40 cm in width and 50 cm in depth at the front of the greenhouse, fill in rotten grass and straw, and cover the membrane. Conditional foam insulation board can be set for construction, at least two layers can be laid to play a good insulation effect.

Increase the thickness of straw curtain

To select a thickness of 5 cm or so, weave a tight, narrow grass curtain. Otherwise, if the weave of the straw is not tightly knit and gaps appear, the heat in the room can be transmitted through the gap of the straw curtain at night, which will cause the indoor temperature to drop rapidly and it is difficult to maintain the temperature of the shelf. In addition, when the straw curtain is laid, it should be a distance of 0.5 meters from top to bottom, so that the back slope and the front face of the soil can be covered to avoid cold invasion. At the same time, cover a layer of floating film on the grasshopper. The floating film should be compacted with a sandbag to avoid wind blow. The sandbag should be fastened with a rope to prevent the sandbag from moving. When the weather is unusually cold, a layer of insulation can be covered on the straw.

Often wipe the film

At present, the majority of PVC films are used, and such films are more likely to be contaminated with dust, resulting in a decrease in light transmittance. Therefore, often wipe the film to increase the light transmittance. Can be tied to the broomstick or broken clothes, can also tie a string on the long rope, the two on the rope down and wipe, you can also put the thick quilt on the rope tied to the two pull.

Set up buffer

The buffer room between the sheds can relieve the impact of cold air on the shed, so that the vegetables near the entrance no longer suffer from low temperatures, which is equivalent to setting up a double doorway. This also reduces the loss of heat from the gap in the doorway of the shed.

In addition, when replacing the new film, two sides of the wall should be set aside. It is better to cover all the walls on both sides, and it can also play a heat preservation effect.

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