Yogurt drink more beneficial at night

In the dairy family, yoghurt is favored for its unique taste and outstanding health care function. More and more people have developed the habit of drinking yoghurt every day. Some people are used to drinking yogurt in the morning, others are used to drinking in the evening, and others choose to drink whenever they want to drink. So, when is yogurt drinking more healthy?

Wang Hao, deputy director of the Department of Nutrition of the Beijing Hospital of the Ministry of Health, believes that there are more benefits to drinking yogurt in the evening. Because from the calcium point of view, because the body no longer ingests calcium-containing foods at night, however, the metabolism of calcium is still carried out quietly in sleep. Therefore, it is necessary to eat a proper amount of calcium-rich dairy before going to bed. So, what is better for health than drinking milk and drinking yogurt at night?

For most people, milk is an indigestible drink. After drinking in the morning, it can be digested in the stomach and stomach after a day of exercise. After drinking at night, it is unfavorable because the amount of exercise after sleep is greatly reduced. Digestion and absorption by the human body, and those with poor gastro-intestinal conditions may also produce symptoms of indigestion. Yogurt is different. The lactic acid it contains helps the body's gastrointestinal motility at night, so drinking at night will not only lead to indigestion, it will also help prevent constipation.

Director Wang suggested that it is best to drink yogurt about two hours after dinner and avoid yoghurt on an empty stomach. Because fast-acting lactic acid bacteria in yogurt are killed by stomach acid, the health benefits of yogurt are reduced.

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