Select agricultural inspection

Check the appearance of the product: from the front, back, left and right, see if the entire machine has any distortion, there is no place for rust, the sheet metal part is not smooth, there is no paint leakage, flow paint, castings with or without pores, trachoma, burrs, Whether the color and thickness of the plastic parts are even, and whether the tires, triangle belts, etc. have aging deformation between them, there is no place for leakage or oil leakage. There must be a fixed nameplate on the machine tool. See the model on the nameplate is not the same as they need. Some look similar from the outside, the name is also very similar, but do not pay attention to buying back can not be used. Without a nameplate or site, it is basically not a product of a regular production company. Quality is hard to guarantee.

Inspection safety protection: The national compulsory standards require that safety qualified agricultural machinery products should have safety protection devices, such as starter claws, fans, pulleys, power output shafts, exhaust pipes, chain drives, and shaft assembly components. cover. Foot pedals should be skid plates, and yellow or red safety warning signs should be affixed where they are easy to hurt. The throttle, the lever, and other places must have obvious operating symbols.

Check the assembly quality: Check whether the parts and components of the agricultural machine are complete or not damaged; the installation is not very good. Formally qualified product assembly markings are very clear and obvious, such as gear assembly markings, piston top markings, etc. should be well-defined. Check that all tightening screws and nuts are tight and never use wire or nails instead of cotter pins. All rotations, transmissions and operating devices are flexible, with no sticking or loosening. If you choose a rotary cultivator, it depends on whether the cutter shaft is flexible, whether there is obvious axial turbulence, stuck and abnormal sound, and the gear is flexible, no missing parts, no oil leakage. Rotary knife specifications, model is not the same.

Do a good job testing: buy tractors, agricultural vehicles, etc. must test. After seeing the engine start shaking and shaking, the sound is not normal, is it easy to turn off, take the black smoke, gear, direction, brake, throttle is not so good. When selecting a manual sprayer, it is best to simply try the sprayer. For example, add clear water to the sprayer to see if the mist sprayed by the sprayer is fine, even, and not dripping. The valves and connecting parts cannot be “ Run, run, drip, leak, etc.

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