Rational fertilization "four principles"

Rational fertilization is to maximize the use of effective nutrients in fertilizers, improve fertilizer use efficiency, but also to improve crop yields, improve quality, and obtain significant economic benefits; it is necessary to be conducive to fertility, protection of agricultural products and the ecological environment is not Pollution, but also conducive to the sustainable development of agriculture. Therefore, the following four principles of fertilization must be followed:
First, according to the characteristics of crops need fertilizer: cereal crops, leafy vegetables, nitrogen fertilizer needs more; legume crops more demand for phosphorus and potassium fertilizer; trace element silicon rice, wheat, corn and other crops beneficial nutrition Composition, significant increase in production. Fertilizers such as special compound fertilizers and foliar fertilizers are designed and produced for the purpose of improving the yield and quality of certain types of crops in response to the characteristics of crops requiring fertilizers.
Second, according to the soil traits: Sandy soil should be a small amount of quick-appropriate fertilizer, in order to reduce fertilizer loss and loss, apply more organic fertilizer, soil and dirt can improve fertilizer and water conservation. Fertile soil, high nutrient content can be applied with less fertilizer. On the basis of soil testing, promotion of formula fertilization is an effective way to increase the economic and social benefits of fertilization.
Third, according to fertilizer characteristics: a wide variety of fertilizers, the nature of a great difference. For example, organic fertilizers and slow-acting fertilizers should be used as base fertilizers. Fertilizers that are easily decomposed and volatile nutrients should be applied deep to reduce nutrient losses and increase fertilizer efficiency. Fertilizers should be selected for quick-appropriate chemical fertilizers, and those with high nutrient content should be used for foliar spraying.
Fourth, according to weather conditions: pay attention to weather changes, can reduce the fertilizer caused by adverse weather losses. Because the amount of rainfall and the level of temperature have a direct impact on the effect of fertilization, such as unfavorable weather conditions that make fertilizer play a role, and too much rain and fertilization, it is easy to make fertilizer loss. High temperatures, moderate rainfall, favorable for organic fertilizers to accelerate the decomposition of low-temperature and low-rainy seasons should be applied to mature organic fertilizers and available fertilizers, dry crops should be applied 2-4 days before rain, and rice should be fertilized after rainfall to prevent loss .

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