Introduction to the development status of food packaging machinery industry

According to relevant information, Zhengzhou Yonglian Machinery summarized the development pattern of China's food packaging machinery industry in the first quarter: in the first quarter, the output value of food packaging machinery industry increased by 24.94%, and the total profit of January-February was 359 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 44.33%.

For the performance of food packaging machinery in the first quarter, Cai Weici, executive vice president of China Machinery Industry Federation, believes that food and packaging machinery is an emerging industry. With the improvement of people's living standards, the demand for food types and quality requirements are gradually increasing. Improvement, this not only provides a broad space for the development of the food machinery industry, but also puts forward higher requirements for its technological innovation and upgrading.

Industry upgrade pressure

He Nanzhi, executive vice president of China Food and Packaging Machinery Industry Association, is also optimistic about the prospects of food packaging machinery. However, he also stressed that China's food packaging machinery is also obviously in a weak position in competition with developed countries. In particular, about 30% of enterprises in China's packaging machinery industry have low-level redundant construction. This situation not only wastes limited resources such as capital and manpower, but also causes disorderly chaos in the packaging machinery market and hinders the healthy development of the industry. . For example, there are more than 100 automatic sealing machines in Wenzhou. There are still more enterprises in the production process. The electric heating pancake machine is very primitive, but the manufacturer still has a lot of filling; There are also some primary products still in production for gland machinery; the production of comparative primary presses is continuing.

“In the first 11 months of 2009, the output value of new products fell by more than 20%. “This is a dangerous signal. He Nanzhi said: "This shows that the speed of new product development is slowing down, or that new products that have been developed are not suitable for sale. Even a small number of companies that did well in 2009 did not pay enough attention to new product development, resulting in insufficient development momentum. Industry development can not only rely on the increase in sales of old products, no new products to do technical support, how is technological progress reflected? At this stage, the industry is increasingly pressure to adjust product structure and technology upgrades. ”

It is understood that China's food packaging machinery is mostly based on a single machine, with low technology content and low degree of automation. It is less applied in new technologies, new processes and new materials, and cannot meet the requirements of the current development of food enterprises in China. In order to carry out technological transformation, some food enterprises have to spend a lot of money to introduce some complete sets of food packaging production lines with advanced technology, high production efficiency and high packaging precision, resulting in a large part of the domestic market share being occupied by foreign brands.

Comparing the main gaps between domestic food packaging machinery and foreign brands, He Nanzhi believes that the gap mainly has the following two aspects:
First, the production efficiency is low, the energy consumption is high, the stability and reliability are poor, the product shape is backward, the appearance is rough, the life of the basic parts and the accessory parts is low, and the quality of the domestic pneumatic parts and electrical components is poor.

Second, the application of control technology is small. Such as remote control technology, stepper motor technology, information processing technology. At present, the packaging machinery level in Germany, Italy, the United States and Japan is at the forefront of ling. Among them, the technical equipment for molding, filling and sealing in the United States is very fast. For example, the liquid filling machine produced by American Liquid Filling Equipment Company (EJF) can realize gravity filling, pressure filling and positive pressure moving pump filling. That is to say, any viscosity liquid can be realized by changing the filling method by microcomputer control.

In recent years, this technology has also appeared in China. For example, Jiangsu Qunjie Packaging Machinery Factory and Guangzhou Aote Packaging Machine Co., Ltd. He Nanzhi believes that with the development of global technology, developed countries have adopted nuclear energy technology and microelectronics. Technology, laser technology, biotechnology and systems engineering are integrated into traditional mechanical manufacturing techniques. New materials such as new alloy materials, polymer materials, composite materials and inorganic non-metallic materials have also been promoted and applied. The integration, intelligence, networking and flexibility of food packaging machinery will become the mainstream of future development.
In the face of market demand, how to catch up with food packaging machinery that even surpasses developed countries? How to increase the pace of independent innovation and strive to develop a batch of products with independent intellectual property rights and international advanced level in a short time? It has become an urgent task facing the food packaging machinery enterprises in China.

Game in emerging industries

Due to the certain gap with the level of developed countries, the domestic food packaging industry has a lot of room for improvement.

For example, after the implementation of the new labor law, labor costs are getting higher and higher. The monthly wages of ordinary workers in coastal areas are basically more than 1,000 yuan, and each additional person must spend 30% to 50% of administrative and logistics management. Such related costs bring more and more difficulties to enterprise management and cost control. Now it seems that many companies' goals for the next two years will be to reduce staff and increase efficiency, and the benefits of enterprises will become the main indicators of consideration. From this perspective, automated testing has great potential in China, and the development of this technology will advance by leaps and bounds in the next 5 to 10 years.

Due to the existence of a large number of hands-on workshops in China, the advantages of advanced equipment are still not obvious, and sometimes even by hand products are very bad. China is still relatively backward compared with the international level. Domestic mainstream equipment is equivalent to the level of foreign countries in the 1980s, and the market still accepts manual products. Speaking of this difference, the person in charge of Hangzhou Zhongya Machinery Co., Ltd. said, “Foreign food packaging machinery has high requirements for quality and speed, and the per capita cost is relatively high; in China, the opposite is true. When people demand quality and price, this is High-speed equipment is needed instead of hand-made. We believe this is a process, and after 3 to 5 years, the competitiveness of advanced equipment will be clearly reflected.

It is understood that in the packaging and printing market, the pre-press plate making, printing, post-processing three major sectors have been relatively mature, that is, pre-press, printing and post-press three links, but most manufacturers are only focused on one side or this In three aspects, it is really important to ignore the comprehensive quality inspection and management. So far, almost no enterprise in China has been completely controlled by computer, MIS or total quality management and inspection system. It lacks a complete and automatic means to ensure total quality control, but uses a lot of labor, and too much Dependent on manual experience.

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