Straw returning technology (9)

9. The purpose of applying nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizers to adjust the carbon-nitrogen ratio (C/N) of straw after application of straw to the field is to promote the decomposition of straw organic matter and to adjust the balance of soil available nitrogen, and to avoid the fixation of effective nitrogen in the soil. Nitrogen deficiency occurs after crops. Therefore, the decision whether or not to apply nitrogen as a seed fertilizer is mainly based on the effective fertility level of the local soil and the experience of cultivation and fertilization. In the northern high-cold areas, especially when the straw is used in deep layers, the decomposition rate of the straw is relatively slow due to the decomposition of the straw. Therefore, the "nitrogen factor" of the straw (higher ratio of carbon to nitrogen per 100 parts) When the organic matter is decomposed, the fraction of available nitrogen in the soil is fixed (assimilated), which represents the equilibrium value of both the mineralization and assimilation forces.) The value is relatively small (the “nitrogen factor” of grass crops is generally 1 Around, wheat straw is generally less than 1). Therefore, taking a part (1/2-2/3) of the nitrogen supplement calculated from the nitrogen balance as a post-fertilizer will not only affect the decomposition rate of straw and the effective transformation of soil nitrogen, but will also promote the post-seedlings. Growth and development, but also achieve the effect of economic fertilization. Because the fresh straw has the effect of decomposing phosphorus and increasing phosphorus in the decomposing, under normal circumstances, it is not necessary to adjust the carbon-to-phosphorus ratio (C/P) of the straw and biological immobilization of soil-active phosphorus does not occur, resulting in lack of phosphorus in the post-crop. phenomenon. Simultaneous application of phosphate fertilizers, especially alkaline phosphate fertilizers, can not only promote the decomposition of straw organic matter, increase the symbiotic nitrogen fixation effect of soil biological nitrogen fixation crops and leguminous plants, and reduce the loss of soil and fertilizer nitrogen, thus improving the soil organisms returning straw to the field. The comprehensive effect of learning is also a protective and effective method for increasing the utilization of phosphate fertilizer.

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