Celery cultivation techniques

Cultivation techniques of celery (1) Sowing and seedling cultivation: Celery celery is hi and cool, and the optimal temperature for growth is 15-25°C. The quality is lower and the tissue is coarser than 27°C, and it is less than 10°C for 7-10 days. flowering. Therefore, we must choose a shady, easy irrigation and drainage, fertile soil plots for seedbeds, parallel scaffolding, shading with straw or nylon shading nets, cool down against rain, promote seedling growth. Before sowing, the seeds are first soaked in cold water for 25-35 hours, so that after absorbing water, they are put into the refrigerator to maintain the germination at the temperature of 8-10°C, rinsed with water twice a day, until 80% of the seeds are white. It was broadcasted on a seedbed, covered with fine soil after sowing, and no seed was used as a cover. The straw was then covered with enough water. About 5-7 days after emergence, remove the rice noodles and water it daily to keep the soil moist. Implantation: Celery celery is planted on a single plant and grows slowly at the seedling stage for approximately 60 days. In order to make full use of the land and facilitate centralized management, it is necessary to go through a planting (unlike local celery) and cultivate strong seedlings. When the seedlings were 2-3 true leaves, they were planted, and the seedlings were batched and planted according to the size of the seedlings. The growth was uniform, the density was 5-6 cm square, and the seedlings grew to 8 leaves, and then the field was planted. (2) Site preparation: Celery celery grows for a long period of time. Before planting, 5-7 days before planting, it will be ploughed and dried. It will be 3000-4000 kg per mu, 30-35 kg of superphosphate and 15-20 kg of ammonium sulfate as base fertilizer. After turning to the ground, it has a width of 1.3 meters (even the ditch), a ditch depth of 15 cm, 4 rows per plant, 25-30 cm spacing, and 6800-8200 per mu. Choose windless cloudy or noon colonization, 1-2 hours before raising seedlings first soaked with water, so that with the root soil, easy to survive, planting concentrations to not bury the growth point this is appropriate. Watering immediately after planting and then watering 1-2 times a day, prompting the seedlings to resume growth. After 2 weeks, furrow once every 5-6 days. If there is no rain and the soil is dry when it is planted, it should be filled with water and then turned to the ground, or the plants should be planted after irrigating. (3) Field management: Celery celery needs a large amount of fertilizer, about 120 days of growth after planting, and it grows slowly in the first half (2/3) and grows faster in the later period (1/3). Therefore, management should be strengthened according to its growth habits. Summer sowing, often due to high temperature and drought after planting, easily inhibit the seedlings turn green, and will lead to childbirth, affecting growth. Therefore, after planting for half a month, apply a thin fertilizer and water every 5-7 days, and keep the soil moist. After 7-9 weeks, the plants grow fastest. At this time, the maximum amount of fertilizer is needed, and they are re-used every other week. Once urea fertilizer 10-15 kg, a total of 2-3 times. The growth of plants in the middle and early stages of growth is slow, and the combination of cultivating and weeding should be used in time to remove lateral buds and reduce nutrient consumption.

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