Chinese herbal medicine feed additives should not be blindly used

Chinese herbal medicine feed additives have many advantages, but there are also many problems, farmers should not blindly use Chinese herbal medicine feed additives. Some of the Chinese herbal medicine feed additives currently sold on the market mainly have the following problems: (1) The formula design is not scientific. Most feed additive manufacturers formulate Chinese Herbal Feed Additive Formulations by firstly documenting the best use of Chinese medicine data, and secondly by formulating the use and function of the Chinese herbal medicine, and then testing the effect after feeding tests to optimize the selection. Although the effect of a group is significant, the main chemical components that play a role are still not very clear. There is no more in-depth study of the changes and effects of drugs in animals, and even the negative side of the group is ignored. Effect. Even better groupings have not been supported by systematic scientific experiments. (2) The product is rough. Most of the Chinese herbal medicine feed additives are crushed and agitated and then added directly to the feed. Some manufacturers only stay in the production level of crude products, the general added amount of more than 1%, some as high as 10%, not only the product is not convenient to transport, save, but also easy to change the nutrients in the feed, resulting in difficult to use. The addition of Chinese herbal medicines mostly has pungent, bitter, salty, sour, and sweet tastes, and excessive additions can affect the palatability of feed and increase the difficulty of promotion. (3) lack of trace products. To adapt to modern feed production process requirements, it is necessary to separate, purify, extract or purify the unilateral or compound preparations and obtain the active ingredients or biologically active substances to prepare premixed powders, ready-to-dissolve powders, granules, and oral liquids. Formulations such as coated microcapsules. (4) Lack of systematic products. According to the characteristics of Chinese herbal medicines, additives with different directions of action should be produced to break the current situation of multiple uses of a group of prescriptions. Such as egg-promoting agents, growth-promoting agents, livestock product quality improver, egg yellow enhancer, pork lean rate improver, livestock product flavor, immune function enhancer and other serial products to meet the requirements of the development of the breeding industry.


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