Pearl culture needs to increase the technological content

Jinhua City Agricultural Survey team surveyed statistics, the city's aquaculture area reached 300,000 mu last year. Among them, aquaculture in the city's territory increased from 80,000 mu in 2000 to 140,000 mu; in the rented city and outside the province, the water aquaculture increased from 70,000 mu in 2000 to 160,000 mu, which has doubled in three years. The annual output of pearls was 29.26 million kilograms, accounting for the second place in the province. Among them, there are 141,600 kilograms of Lanxi, 90,000 kilograms in Yiwu, 40,100 kilograms in the city, and 1 million kilograms in Yongkang. Pearl production in the four cities accounts for 96.3% of the city's total. Last year due to prolonged drought and no rain, the output was forecast to decrease slightly. From the investigation and analysis, in order to ensure stable, healthy and efficient development of the pearl aquaculture industry in the city, we must first increase the investment in science and technology, strengthen the awareness of quality products, and adjust the pearls and oyster varieties. At present, there are only a few species in our city, such as swiftlets, cockscombs, and apical horns. There are problems such as germplasm degradation, low level of operation, and deterioration of water quality, which seriously affect the output and market competitiveness. In 2000, the total weight of pearls for the system was 600 yuan per kilogram, and 2,500 yuan for high-quality pearls. Last year, the total number of pearls for the system was only 250 yuan per kilogram, and the quality was 1,200 yuan. Therefore, it is imperative to increase pearl prices, increase returns, develop new varieties, and increase technological content. Second, establish a sound service system. For pearl farming, due to lack of scientific and technical guidance, the Zhunong experienced painful lessons. At present, the number of technical service agencies engaged in disease prevention, quarantine, and water quality and environmental monitoring in our city is small, the level is generally low, and the service system is not perfect. In this regard, Zhunong urgently requested the government departments to vigorously support and improve the private-type pearl farming, processing technology service agencies, for the pearl farming, processing services, to solve problems for the farmers. In addition, we must establish a pearl professional market and broaden the information channels. The city’s pearl production is large, but there is no professional market. Most of the pearls produced are sold in the surrounding foreign markets or bequeathed by the bead merchants. The price initiative is held in the hands of others; only the primary products such as pearl powder are processed without deep processing. , finishing, no added value. Government departments must create conditions to establish their own pearl professional markets; they can also use the advantages of Yiwu Small Commodity City to open up Yiwu “Pearl City” to attract domestic and foreign pearl traders; at the same time, they will engage in pearl farming, processing science and technology exchanges, and promote the city’s aquaculture. The industry continues to develop.

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