Peanut applied calcium-silicon fertilizer to increase production and income

Silicon is one of the important elements of crop growth. It can promote the absorption and transportation of other elements by crops, and thus increase production. Silicon-calcium fertilizer is a kind of micro-alkali eucalyptus soluble fertilizer containing calcium silicate. Recently, this fertilizer was applied to crops such as rice, soybeans, vegetables, cotton, and corn, which all achieved good yield-increasing results. Peanuts are crops that require more calcium. According to the experiment, the effect of applying Si-Ca fertilizer to peanut production is good, and under the current situation of insufficient K fertilizer, it can replace K fertilizer. The effect of applying silicon-calcium fertilizer on the yield-increasing effect of peanuts and the economic benefits of application are as follows: The experimental study on the effect of silicon-calcium fertilizer on peanut yield has shown that the application of 30-40 kg silicon-calcium fertilizer per 667 square meters increases the peanut yield by 20.3-24.7%, reaching a very significant level, indicating the reliability of production increase. 2. The effect of silicon-calcium fertilizer on peanut yield factors showed that the number of single-silicon and calcium-bearing peanuts per plant increased by 4.6-5.3 and the average number of full-filled fruits increased by 3.3-4.7, and the fruit-filling rate increased by 6.7- 11.7%, the rice rate increased by 2%, the yield per plant increased by 6.3-7.9 grams; and the above-mentioned production factors of silicon-silicon fertilizer were all increased to different degrees than the potassium application. It can be seen that applying peanut calcium fertilizer can replace potassium fertilizer. 3. The analysis of the economic benefits of applying calcium-silicon fertilizers in the case of applying 30-40 kg of silicon-calcium fertilizer per 667 square meters of peanut field increased 137.7-168.8 yuan. When 30 kg of silicon-calcium fertilizer is applied per 667 square meters, the input-output ratio is 1:11.48, and the efficiency is the best. With the increase of silicon calcium fertilizer application, the input-output ratio decreased. For every 667 square meters of peanut field, 10.8 kg of potassium chloride was applied to increase the income by 62.95 yuan, and the input-output ratio was 1:3.87. Comprehensive net income and production ratio, the application of silicon-calcium fertilizer on peanut production and income benefits are higher than the application of potassium. Silica-calcium fertilizer can be used instead of potash fertilizer on sandy soil to achieve reasonable utilization of resources. The appropriate amount of silicon-calcium fertilizer is 30-40 kg per 667 square meters.

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