Peach simple artificial pollination method

To increase the fruit setting rate of peach trees, artificial pollination can be performed easily at the flowering time. During the period of big buds, collect precociously-flowered flowers such as "Yuhualu" and peel off the anthers to be baked. Baking pollen used hard cardboard boxes or wooden boxes, 1 thermometer, 40 watts printed bubble, stones to a few pounds, several pieces of white paper. Place lime powder on the bottom of the cardboard box or wooden box and cover it with white paper. Spread evenly the peeled anther. Hang the light bulb in the box, hang the thermometer, and bake it. In operation, the top of the thermometer should accept the anther, the temperature inside the box is about 20-25, and often turn anthers. The flowers collected on sunny days are baked for about 8-10 hours, and the flowers collected on rainy days are baked for about 15-18 hours. After burning, the anthers should be placed in a dry vial. The pollination time should be selected when there is no wind, sunny day or rain gap at the beginning of the flowering season. Pollination method is to use a pencil eraser to pollen the pencil once, evenly 8 to 10 flowers.

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