Meat pigeon "four synchronization" feeding new technology

Meat pigeons produce more meat, fast growth, good meat quality, strong disease resistance and early maturation, pigeon meat, pigeon eggs are precious nutritious foods, and have a broad sales market at home and abroad. However, due to the long natural growth and reproduction cycle of meat pigeons, the growth rate is slow and cannot meet the market demand. In order to overcome this contradiction, adopting the "four simultaneous" breeding technology can greatly increase the production efficiency. 1. Synchronous pairing. The male and female cocks of the right age are paired and matched at the same time and fed together in the same pigeon. This will not only increase labor productivity, but also help strengthen the management of feeding and ensure the performance of various production capabilities. 2. Synchronize production. After the pigeons are paired, they usually start laying eggs in about 8 days. Since the entire group of pigeons breeding at the same age are paired in the same period, the result of synchronized egg production is bound to occur. 3. Synchronized incubation. Using an ordinary electric heat incubator, the pigeon eggs numbered at the same time were numbered and placed in an incubator. The temperature was maintained at about 38°C and the relative humidity was about 61%. Do regular incubator work, dove eggs in the egg tray, blunt end up, turn the eggs 5 to 6 times a day, incubate 4 to 5 days when the first egg, cut off the development of the suspension of the weak egg. After 17 to 18 days of incubation, the pigeons are shelled out. 4. Simultaneous feeding. The hatchlings are placed in a brooding room for artificial feeding. The brooding room should be cleaned and disinfected, and brooding racks should be arranged. Place 2 to 3 cm thick oysters or wheat straw in the pan and two pigeons per dish. The pigeon's feed formula and feeding amount are adjusted according to different ages. 1 ~ 5 days of age pigeon diet: 40% to 50% of skim milk powder, 55% to 60% of the chicken feed, and then add food minerals, vitamin additives and antibacterial drugs. Mix the above ingredients evenly, add 5 times of water to prepare a paste, the temperature is about 35°C, then inject the sucker's cockroach with a feeding device, 4 to 5 times a day, and feed 5 to 7 ml per day. , increase the amount of feed daily after 2 days of age. 6 to 9 days of age, the composition of the diet can be changed to skim milk powder 25%, chick material 75%, other additives added in proportion, mix and add 6 times the water into a paste-like can be. At 10 days of age, skimmed milk powder was reduced to 3% to 5% in the diet. Feed 3 times a day. The temperature of the brooding room was 35°C on the 1st day, and then decreased by 0.5°C per day until it fell 5-25°C. Under normal circumstances, this feeding method can be marketed after about 18 to 21 days of feeding.

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