Buy fruit saplings eight attention

As the saying goes: Planting trees and planting trees is the key. Fruit saplings are the basis for establishing an orchard. Whether the selection of fruit tree seedlings is appropriate or not, and whether the quality is good or bad will directly affect the development and economic benefits of the orchard. Now on how to buy fruit saplings, put forward the following suggestions, for reference when building a garden. First, pay attention to choose suitable for the local eugenics tree No matter what the fruit tree, it has its distinction between eugenic zone and suitable zone. In general, in order to achieve good economic returns, we should choose the eucalyptus tree that is suitable for the local area and build a garden. Second, pay attention to select the varieties suitable for the local climate conditions of a variety of fruit trees because of different varieties, and its cold resistance is also strong or weak. There are certain differences in the degree of cooling and warming in different regions. Therefore, when purchasing fruit saplings, we must first consider the cold resistance of the varieties, and then consider the fruit size, quality, high yield, storability, mausoleum, etc. Great quality but ignore the cold resistance of its tree (product) species. Third, pay attention to seedling standards. The height of apple, pear, plum and persimmon should be 80-140 cm, and the thickness should be 0.7-1.0 cm; the height of peach and apricot should be 60-100 cm, and the thickness should be 0.4-0.8 cm; grape seedlings should have 3 More than enough to fill full buds. All kinds of fruit seedlings must have more than 4 lateral roots with a length of about 18 cm, and they must have more roots. Fourth, pay attention to the quality of seedlings No matter whether it is autumn or spring to buy fruit saplings, try not to buy fake seedlings. You should buy seedlings directly from the nursery or buy seedlings that have just been listed in the market. Fifth, pay attention to check whether there are pests and some seedlings with moth on the thorns, apple tree white butterfly larvae and larvae do not buy seedlings of eggs, apples, pears, plums with root cancer do not buy. Sixth, pay attention to check whether the seedlings of the seedlings are improperly planted in winter, and are susceptible to frost damage. Cut the branches and turn the sections brown. This indicates that the seedlings have low survival rate and should not be purchased. Seven, pay attention to check whether the roots of rotten seedlings overwintering, planting, excessive density or premature planting, seedling root prone to mildew. Normal roots, fresh skin color, white cross-section; the root of the mold is brown or dark brown, broken hands away. VIII. Pay attention to checking whether the seedlings are dehydrated. The normal seedlings are sleek. The cross section is green and the hand feels soft and cool. The water-losing seedling shoots are shriveled. The section is white. The hand feels straight and hard. The survival rate of seedlings is low, and the water loss is serious. Not living.

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