Fresh Spring Soybean Sowing Five Notes

Fresh Spring Soybeans have a long sowing time, rapid weather changes, and different sowing conditions. In order to increase the emergence rate of soybeans in the field, pay attention to the following five aspects when sowing. One should pay attention to the appropriate early sowing. Fresh spring soybeans in our province can be sown in mid-January to mid-May if conditions permit (it is customary to sow summer and autumn soybeans after the end of mid-May). Generally, sowing in mid-February will be conducted in greenhouses, and in mid-February to early March, small sheds can be used for cultivation. In the middle of March to the end of March, mulching can be used for mulching. After the beginning of April, it can be cultivated in open fields. Of course, there are differences in the sowing period in different regions, and in southern Zhejiang, it can be sown about 7 to 10 days earlier than in northern Zhejiang. It must not blindly oversee sowing in advance in order to fight for the early morning market. For example, in late February or early March, mulching film is used. When the temperature is too low, the temperature required for soybean germination cannot be reached, resulting in poor emergence or failure to emerge, resulting in economic loss. Second, we must pay attention to select the appropriate species. Different cultivation methods must use appropriate varieties in order to obtain good economic benefits. If greenhouses, small arch sheds, etc. are used for promoting early cultivation, varieties with a growth period of no more than 75 days should be selected, for example, introduced beans 9701, Huachun 18, 95-1, etc., in order to maximize the advantages of promoting the cultivation of facilities; Intercropping Early maturing cultivars should also be selected. The growth period should preferably not exceed 80 days in order to shorten crop symbiosis and reduce the adverse effects of different crops; mulching and conventional cultivation can be comprehensively determined based on the conditions of estuaries and harvesting time. However, the growth period should not exceed 95 days. Too long growth period will lead to seasonal stress, affecting the cultivation of post-production. The chances of encountering severe weather and pests during the growth period increase, especially during the late growth period, which is vulnerable to high temperature and drought, resulting in poor grain formation and affecting yield and commodity quality. And the harvest period is too late, it is difficult to grasp the market conditions, a higher economic risk, three should pay attention to soil and weather conditions. Most of the fresh soybeans are ground-pile varieties, and the plants are short, with few branches, and have good fertilizer and water. Adequate fertilizers and water are conducive to high yield and good commercial quality. Therefore, it is best to cultivate fresh soybeans in fertile paddy fields or vegetable plots. The content of organic matter is high, the soil is loose, and it is not compacted. If it is sandy loam, it is better. When sowing, the soil should be dry and wet, and the soil is too wet to cause seedlings to sprout and rotten buds. To select continuous sowing for more than 3 days under fine weather conditions. In open field cultivation, if there is rain after weathering, it is best to cover the mulch, because after the rain, it often causes soil occlusion, which is not conducive to the emergence of soybean top soil. Fourth, we must pay attention to controlling the depth of sowing. Soybeans are cotyledons unearthed crops. The 100-seed weight of fresh-seed soybean seeds is generally more than 30 grams, the grain size is large, and the cotyledon is hypertrophic, while the hypocotyls are not necessarily thick. Many large-grained seeds often appear difficult to grow in the top soil of the cotyledon when emerged, causing boring and rotting. Affect the increase of seedling rate. In our province, spring sowing of fresh soybeans every year will more or less occur in the case of unsatisfactory or even re-emergence of seedlings, while grain soy is relatively much better. The reason for this is that, in addition to the weather, the seeds are mainly caused by high grain weight, large seeds, and too much seeding. Therefore, the seeding depth must be controlled at the time of sowing. The cover seed soil should be finely crushed and the thickness should be controlled at about 2 cm. Fifth, pay attention to the proper preparation of supplementary plantlets. Fresh soyabeans have large changes in the weather at the sowing date, and soil conditions and sowing conditions have a greater impact on emergence, and are likely to cause culling of ridges in the absence of crops. When seeding, it is best to concentrate a small number of pre-planting seedlings between the rows for seedling supplementation.


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