New Technology of Rice-free High-Pile Pileless Casting

The new technology of rice-free high-piling and disc-free throwing was proposed and assembled by Sichuan Agricultural University, Sichuan Agricultural Technology Extension Station and Chengdu Agricultural Technology Station. In December 2001, it was registered in the Provincial Science and Technology Department and Chengdu Plain in 2003. The demonstration area of ​​rice and wheat two-cropping area is more than 300,000 mu, and has won the second prize for Chengdu's scientific and technological progress. The technology is now introduced as follows for reference. First, the technical connotation The new technology of rice-free high-piling without throwing discs is based on the principles of no-tillage cultivation, straw-improved soil, and the mechanism of yield increase by throwing hoe, ie, when wheat (rape) is cultivated, fields are flat and wheat (rapeseed) is harvested. At the time, only the wheat ears (rape fruit branches), high stay wheat (rape) piles, do not plow the soil, will be threshed after the straw evenly spread the whole field, and then put water for more than 24 hours, until the natural dry exposed soil The base fertilizer is applied after the layer and the rice is thrown into the ground (using the "dry nurse nurture" seedlings, no sampans are needed). After the rice was harvested, no-tillage wheat (rape) was sown and covered with rice straw. In this way, straw and field tillage are continuously applied to grow rice and wheat (oilseed rape). Second, the technical characteristics of the technology in addition to the fixed double-free tillage and rice paddy field conservation tillage technology, all the advantages, but also has the following significant features and advantages: 1, before returning to the field. Former crops only harvested wheat ears (canola fruit branches), Gaoliu wheat (oilseed rape) piles, most of the straw still remain in the original place, only a small part of the straw scattered in the field, its advantages are: First, scientific and simple solution to the return of straw The problem is to reduce the artificial and material investment in the ditching and the application of rotten rod spirits; the second is to provide less straw and wheat (canola) piles to support and shade the seedlings in the field, so that the seedlings planted in the field will be easier to muddy. And Limiao survived. Third, the straw is gradually decomposed and released to supply the soil and crops under the action of the water-gas two-phase environment and various microorganisms. Avoid the rapid decomposition of straw and seedlings to compete for nitrogen and generate a large number of organic acids and other toxic substances on the root of the seedling poisoning, reduce the risk of sitting. Fourth, in the Chengdu Plain where the soil water and fertility are better, it is not necessary to open deep trenches for burying grass and removing moisture, effectively preventing the water leakage caused by opening deep trenches and breaking the bottom of the plough, and affecting mechanized harvesting operations. 2, dry diskless drought thrown. Using dry nurses and nannies to raise the eel, the cost is significantly reduced compared to the eel raising, and at the same time, it is also possible to rationally advance the sowing date of rice and adjust the growth space of seedling eel seedlings in order to improve the quality and elasticity of the eel seedlings, and increase the soil volume of eel seedlings. After the seedlings were erected, the seedlings were quickly established and there was no obvious return to the green period, which was conducive to early birth and rapid development. 3, significant and significant benefits. According to the application effects of Xindu, Shuangliu, Chongzhou, etc., the yield of rice can be increased by about 30 kilograms per mu, the water saving is 50-60 square meters, and the fertilization and saving medicines are about 10% each (20% or more can be saved by the third year). Save 5-6 labors, save about 50 yuan in farming cost, save over 30 yuan in inventory expenses, deduct new herbicides and dry nurse nanny input, increase income by more than 150 yuan per mu, and increase efficiency by 50 yuan compared with similar technologies. about. At the same time, it also has significant ecological and social benefits. It is the most advanced production technology that can best reflect the production requirements of “high-quality, high-efficiency, high-yield, ecological, and safe” agricultural products. Third, the operating points 1, select the appropriate field. The technology is suitable for the rice and wheat (rape) two ripe areas. It should be applied in fields with sufficient water sources, convenient drainage and irrigation, flat terrain, water retention and fertilizer conservation, and strong water-refreshing capacity. 2, nurture strong. The use of dry nurse nanny throwing oysters to carry out diskless dryland breeding, age is generally 30-40 days is appropriate. In order to improve the quality of the seedlings and extend the age flexibility of the seedlings, paclobutrazol can be used to treat the seedlings one to two times. 3, piled high before harvesting. The height of wheat straw should be about 30 cm, and rape sticks can be higher. The cut straw was threshed and spread evenly over the field. 4, irrigation water field. There is no need to plough the fields, and only about 0.5 meters of Tanabe will plow the fields to help preserve the water. In the Chengdu Plain area, the plots are generally not ditched, and the hilly area can be opened or drained with a ditch or a cross ditch according to the size of the plot. The ditch is 20 cm wide, and it can reach the bottom of the plow. Then put the water into the field and keep the surface water layer for 1-2 days. 5. Apply base fertilizer and chemically weed. Wait for Tianshui to dry naturally to the surface of the water-free bed and apply base fertilizer. The base fertilizer is about 7 kg of pure nitrogen. Spray a broad spectrum herbicide to weed before spraying. 6. Reasonable planting density. On the second day after the application of the base fertilizer (must not be used on the day of applying the base fertilizer), the seedlings shall be planted by throwing seedlings, and the density of the seedlings shall be 1.5-2 million holes per mu. 7, Honda management. After the seedlings are thrown, the water-free layer should be kept on the field and the water in the ditch should be full. However, in case of sunny days, it is necessary to keep the surface of the flower to prevent the seedlings from being exposed to the sun. 5-7 days after the dumping (field observation takes root as the standard) to keep the field shallow water, while chasing the application of fertilizer, urea 3-5 kg, in order to facilitate the delivery and promote decomposition of decomposition of straw. Due to the adoption of this technique, the seedlings are planted early and the tillers are much more. The number of seedlings in the field should be observed at any time after throwing the earthworm for 15 days to control the seedlings in advance. The subsequent field management is the same as general production. (Source: Sichuan Agricultural Technology Extension Station; Contributor: Sichuan Agricultural Technology Extension Station)

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