Three times the yield of the new French strawberry

With the new method of planting strawberries, the yield is at least three times that of traditional methods. The specific approach is: In the greenhouse will be suspended with a plastic bag with straw ash, planting strawberry seedlings around the bag. The length of each bag is up to 2 meters and the diameter is 20 centimeters, and 28 pieces of strawberries can be planted around. Irrigation was sprayed through a thin tube set on a plastic bag and was irrigated twice a day with a volume of 3 liters. Fertilization is performed by infusing nutrient solution into the bag. Fillers in plastic bags can also be replaced by organic minerals, coconut fibers, and the like. The advantage of this strawberry planting method is that it can make full use of the strawberry plantation for planting, harvesting and management. Compared with traditional methods, it can save 60% of fertilizer and 80% of pesticides. The yield per plant is 0.7 kg more than the traditional planting method.


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