The Causes and Countermeasures of Apple Oblique Fruit

I. Causes of Apple Oblique Fruit Formation 1. Related to the ecological environment. In the orchards located in the colder and higher altitude areas, the fruits produced by the Slope Garden appear to have high piles, such as the new red stars, while the fruits in the low-altitude, higher-temperature orchards and the smooth orchards produce flattened fruits. . 2. It is related to stock and variety. The fruit shape of the rootstock was higher with the short anvil and the apple shape of the Qiaohua tree was biased. The fruit shape of the new red star, the first red, the long rich 2, the long rich 6 and Other varieties are better, while the red, super red, Beidou, Qingfu 13, and Qiufu 1 varieties have relatively flat fruit shapes. 3. Related to fertilizer management. Apples from the flowering to 4 to 5 weeks after flowering is the period of cell division, which is the main period of fruit growth and the key period for determining the fruit shape. During this period, nutrition and water supply will directly affect the increase of cell number, and then directly Affect fruit shape. Such as adequate nutrition, good sensation, good fruit shape, and lack of nutrition, bad fruit shape is not ideal. 4. Related to pollination and fertilization. Apples are cross-pollinated tree species, inappropriate pollination tree matching, flowering season, rain pollination insect activity is limited to affect pollination, fertilization; flowering time is not met, affinity is not strong, or less pollen leads to increased flat, oblique fruit. 5. The choice of sticks. Generally, the fruit shape on the short fruit branch is better, while the fruit shape of the long fruit branch, especially the bud flower bud is worse. 6. The actual position is relevant. The fruit shape of the lateral and pendulous branches is better, the fruit shape of the anticline fruit is poorer, and the fruit on the back is even more so; the central flower is formed for a long time and develops sufficiently, the fruit shape is high in piles, and the lateral flower formation time is shorter The development is inferior to the center flower, and its fruit shape is poor. 7. Flower is a fruit period. The fruit trees of apple trees are earlier and fruit-shaped high piles with abundant supply of nutrients are available, and those who have lately eliminated more nutrients due to consumption of nutrients. Fruits that are relatively poorly nutritious tend to appear flat and slanted, especially fruit orchards with double or triple fruits. Even more so. II. Ways to solve the Oblique Fruit 1. Select the best place of origin. High-quality apples should be selected from 850 to 1350 meters above sea level in cool regions, and choose to shelter from the gentle slope of the sunny plots planted, in order to produce high-quality piles, high-quality fruit to lay a good foundation. 2. Use good anvil superior varieties. For areas with good water and fertilizer conditions and slightly lower elevations, M26-based stocks should be used, and those with poor water and fertilizer conditions or high-altitude domestic production should use M7 and MM106 as stocks; selecting long rich 6, Yanfu 10, excellent short-term rich, general Red, first Famous varieties such as Red and Royal Jura create the premise for the production of high piles and high quality fruits. 3. Optional pollination tree, and do an assistant pollination. The pollination varieties with strong affinity for the main plant variety, flowering period, and pollen amount should be selected, and most of the above-mentioned varieties have good pollination. Auxiliary pollination measures mainly include artificial pollination of orchards. 4. Strengthen fertilizer and reduce consumption. First of all, in the autumn of last year, grasp the early basal fertilizer, protect the leaves, and fill the last time the fruit is harvested to facilitate the storage of nutrients and moisture. Secondly, in the normal climate, it can be implemented to “set the fruit with budding” to make early fruiting and fruiting in order to reduce excessive consumption of nutrients. The third is to apply fertilizer immediately before flowering and do a good job. 5. Choose to leave good fruit and fruit. In winter, shearing should generally choose short fruit branches on the lateral and pendulous positions; in the spring, it is advisable to select the flowers and fruits in the central position when setting off the buds, and pay special attention to selecting shoulders of the young fruit to be flat and deep in the stems. Fruit shape is large; otherwise young fruit shoulder round, shallow stems, or two fruit stems, fleshy fruit and fruit stems are generally small fruit or deformity, should be removed as soon as possible. 6. Spraying fruit shape enhancer. At the end of the apple blossom, spray 600 times of prolonged agent such as prolomarine, or 800 times of the domestic fruit-shaped elongated agent sprayed at the beginning of flowering and full flowering respectively, which has a significant effect on the height of the piled fruit, especially for the marshals. High stakes, Wang Lei protruding features. ?

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