Organic Mountain Grape Production Technology

The main technical content: 1, Variety: Shuangyou, Shuangfeng, Shuanghong. 2. Grafting and breeding, including hardwood grafting and greenwood grafting, cutting propagation including hardwood cuttings and greenwood cuttings. 3. Select a well-illuminated slope such as Gaochao, a well-drained south slope or a southwest slope, the accumulated temperature is above 2600°C, the frost-free period is over 130 days, and the sunshine hours are over 1100 hours. 4, summer trim and winter trim. 5. Reasonably apply basal fertilizer, foliar dressing and root dressing, timely irrigation and drainage after rain. 6, eliminate pests and diseases, timely removal of diseased branches, leaves, fruit, concentrated burning. 7, cold, antifreeze damage.

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