Grafted watermelon seedlings, seedling management points

Grafting Watermelon Seedlings, Seedling Management Categories Fruit Authors Contact time Published time 2004-3-23 8:38:24 Related image Column description is the key period of the early watermelon cultivation grafting nursery, in order to better help melon farmers During the period of seedbed management, the management points before and after the grafting of watermelon seedlings are described below for reference by the majority of grafted households. First, humidity. During the recent period, our county continued to have good eyesight and the humidity in the shed was generally small. Before 1-2 days of grafting, we must constantly use the sprayer to replenish the water in the seedbed so that the air humidity can be saturated until it is grafted. After 4-5 days of grafting, after the grafted seedlings enter the fusion period, they should not only prevent the scions from withering, but also allow the grafted plants to gradually accept the external conditions. They can change their air in the early morning and early evening when the humidity is high, and they should press for 10 days after grafting. General management. Second, the temperature. After 3-5 days of grafting, the temperature of the seedbed is maintained at 25 degrees to 28 degrees during the day, and shading is prevented to prevent high temperatures. At night, the seedling temperature should be maintained at 20 degrees or more. With the survival of the grafted seedlings, the temperature can be gradually reduced until the routine management. Third, light. In the first few days of seedling grafting, the seedlings must cover the straw shade to prevent the direct light from causing the scions to wither. After 3-5 days, the cover receives astigmatism, and gradually increases the light exposure time. After the survival, it is routinely managed. Fourth, in addition to Meng. Although the rootstocks are cut off after the grafting, the adventitious buds will still germinate in the cotyledonary nodes. These adventitious buds compete with the scions for nutrients. These adventitious buds must be removed at any time to ensure the normal growth of the scions.

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