How Cranberry Branches

The adult Clivia plants usually sprout seedlings every year at roots, and cultivate the clivia plants by the ramets method, which can maintain the excellent characteristics of the parent plants. The ramets method is also simple and easy to learn. When dividing plants, it is best to use a change pot, and then crush the clivia out of the pot, hold the rhizomes of the mother plants in one hand, and hold the base of the plants in one hand, and gently press down to sweep the plants down. When the sub-strain is too large, it is not easy to use a knife to cut it off from the mother plant. Whether it is the wound of the mother plant or the wound of the sub-plant, smear with plant ash or sulfur powder to prevent root rot. Do not plant immediately after the ramets. Wait until the wounds of the plants are dry. Then, plant the mother plants and rooted seedlings into loose, breathable, fertile humus or horse dung pots. For seedlings that are not rooted and rooted, do not discard them. Use 5,000 to 20,000 times the seedlings of the ABT rooting mealyin seedlings. Then plant the seedlings in pots with clean wet sand for rooting and wait for about one month. When the new roots are born or rooted, transplant them into loose, ventilated, fertile and acidic cultured soil basins and cultivate them. After 3 years, they can bloom.

Using the same raw material as above, adding seasoning liquid preparation process. There are two types of

KamameshiInstant vegetable:such as seasoning surface anesthesia.seasoning JinPing.Sauce radish etc.

Kamameshi:Used to cook rice, that is cooked with rice at same time, making rice with taste and vegetables.

According to the different formulations, there are Maitake kamameshi, five mesh kamameshi, mountain vegetables mixed kamameshi, Castanea mollissima kamameshi etc..

Seasoned Boiled Vegetables

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