When you buy agricultural machinery products, you need "six essentials"

One year is in the spring, just after the Spring Festival, many farmers and friends have been busy buying agricultural machinery, preparing for the new year to get rich. In order to enable farmers' friends to choose a satisfactory agricultural machinery, avoid economic benefits from loss, ensure the safety of agricultural machinery operations, and obtain effective "three guarantees" service in a timely manner, the Autonomous Region Industrial and Commercial Bureau 12315 complaints and complaints reporting center, reminding farmers to pay attention when purchasing agricultural machinery. "Six must".

One "must": It is necessary to select the products produced by the national formal enterprises, preferably brand-name products or products that have been identified and recommended by the relevant departments, such as products that have been approved by the Ministry of Agriculture for agricultural machinery promotion and certification, and agricultural machinery product quality certification marks. Thereby ensuring product quality to prevent counterfeiting. In addition, it should also be purchased in a certain sales history and scale to obtain the guarantee of corporate reputation and service capabilities.

Second "to": To be inspected face to face with the seller. First of all, check whether the purchased product has the product certificate, the instruction manual, the “three guarantees certificate” and relevant technical documents; whether there is product serial number, inspection chapter number, date of manufacture, etc. on the certificate; the certificate number on the certificate Whether the product nameplate is consistent with the factory; if it is a tractor, a combine harvester, etc., it is necessary to check whether the machine number, the engine number and the factory number of each certificate are the same; in addition, check the instruction manual and the product model purchased. Consistent. This will ensure the authenticity of the goods, but also avoid the trouble of "three guarantees" in the future. The product "Three Guarantees Voucher" has more contents, including product name, specification, model, and factory number; name, address, telephone number, and postal code of the manufacturer; name, address, telephone number, and postal code of the repairer; "Validity period, three parts of the main components, validity period, etc.; repair records should include repair time, delivery time, product failure, repair status, return certificate and so on. Second, check whether the random tools, accessories, spare parts and packing list installed in the purchased products are consistent. Third, the test run, pay attention to the performance of the machine.

Three "to": Carefully observe the appearance of agricultural machinery products. Mainly from the vertical and horizontal two angles to observe whether the whole machine is deformed, the appearance of the whole machine is not lack of paint, serious scratches, bubbling, etc., metal materials must be coated with anti-rust paint as a primer, machine cover, Sheet metal parts should be smooth and so on.

Four "Yes": Check the machine assembly in detail. Check whether the parts and parts of the agricultural machinery are intact and correct, and whether the specifications are installed. All non-adjusting screws, bolts and nuts should be tightened tightly and locked according to the specified locking method. It is strictly forbidden to replace the split pin with wire or nail. All turning, transmission and operating devices of the agricultural machinery are flexible and free of cassettes. Have a reliable safety device. Safety protection devices should be provided wherever there is a risk of personal safety. There must be a permanent warning sign at the location of the accident.

Five "Yes": After purchasing the agricultural machinery, you should carefully read the instruction manual, correctly master the basic essentials of safe use of agricultural machinery, and actively participate in the technical training organized by the local agricultural machinery management department, in accordance with the performance and safe operating procedures of the machine itself.

Six "Yes": You must ask for a purchase invoice. If you find any quality problems, you can call 12315 to make a complaint or complain to the local industrial and commercial administration department or the agricultural machinery management department. You can also apply for arbitration according to law or directly file a lawsuit with the people's court.

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