How to ensure clean room air cleanliness

In order to ensure the air cleanliness requirements of the clean room of the production environment or other uses, a number of comprehensive technical measures must be adopted:
1. Adopting production processes and equipment that produce less pollutants;
2. Take necessary isolation and negative pressure measures to prevent the pollutants generated by the production process from spreading to the surrounding areas;
3. Strengthen the management of clean rooms, and carry out cleaning and sterilization according to regulations;
4. Reduce the pollutants brought into the room by personnel and materials;
5. People and things must be diverted, and no flow of people or logistics is allowed.
In addition to the above measures, the most important technical measures are: specifically, the air purification treatment in the clean room in the purification project is based on the different cleanliness level requirements of the room, and the processed quantities are sent in different ways. Clean the air while draining the corresponding amount of dirty air carrying contaminants generated indoors; relying on such dynamic balance, the indoor environment is maintained at the required level of cleanliness.
A sufficient amount of treated clean air is supplied through the corresponding device to replace or dilute the air contaminated by the pollutants generated during normal operation in the room; at the same time, the pollutants in the room are taken away. It is the basic principle of air purification.
Air cleanliness is the degree of airborne suspended particulates in a clean environment. Usually, the dust concentration in the air is high, the air cleanliness is low, and the dust concentration is low, the cleanliness is high. The clean room is divided according to the concentration of suspended particles in the air. The air cleanliness level in the relevant controlled environment is the air cleanliness level determined by the maximum number of particles per cubic meter of air.


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