Breast swelling may be cervical spine

Breast pain is the experience that most women have had. Many people are distressed and afraid to find a cause for a moment. They are always suspicious of serious problems such as breast cancer. In fact, there are many causes of breast pain, and cervical spondylosis is also one of the "culprits."

Intractable breast pain caused by cervical spondylosis is not uncommon, known as "cervical breast pain." The reason is the degenerative changes of the cervical spine caused by malposition of the sleeping body, long-term strain, or external force pulling injury.

Forced and stimulated the cervical nerve roots, resulting in the nearby soft tissue spasm, edema, degeneration and chronic breast pain. The clinical manifestations are usually unilateral pain, accompanied by neck and back pain symptoms, and breast examinations often have no abnormal performance. X-rays appearing on the neck can also assist in the diagnosis of osteopenia or cervical stenosis. High-incidence groups of “neck breast pain” include long-time desk teachers, long-term shoulder-loaded female workers, and female athletes who are vulnerable to external injuries. If the diagnosis is clear, female patients should be relieved, and the cause of cervical spondylosis should be treated first.

In addition, many physiological causes can also lead to breast pain: If the level of estrogen increases before menstruation, mammary gland hyperplasia causes breast tenderness and tenderness; breast hypersensitivity and breast tenderness occur during pregnancy. Postpartum breast augmentation and mammary gland ducts cause breast tenderness and nodules; menopausal women and young women suffer from local aches and pains due to decreased estrogen levels after abortions (special interviews and consultations).

However, when the breast suddenly appears persistent, acupuncture-like severe pain or pulsatile pain, persistent burning-like pain, there may be nipple discharge or skin ulceration around the nipple, it must be as soon as possible to the hospital for vigilance. The occurrence of lesions.

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