What is supervised visual painless flow

1. Visible Flow Technology Visual flow technology refers to the positioning of gestational sac under the guidance of an endoscope to help doctors perform abortions. It is safe, efficient, and less damaging to the uterus during surgery. It reduces surgical complications, reduces surgical accidents, and is particularly suitable for early pregnancy.

2, compared with the traditional flow of people Traditional abortion surgery is to rely on the experience and the operation of the doctor's experience of blinding the uterine cavity, in the early pregnancy when the gestational sac is not developed without a touch, no specific purpose during surgery, the need for a large area curettage, the entire uterine wall Need to suck several times, relatively large damage to the uterus, prone to long-term complications, such as infertility, habitual abortion, endometriosis, uterine adhesions and so on. Visible positioning of the human flow suction blow, a small injury, are minimally invasive surgery.

3. Comparison with medical abortion The reason why drug abortion is selected is that when the pregnancy period is less than 45 days, the traditional abortion surgery cannot be carried out. The second is the consideration of minimally invasive, and the drugs used in the current drug flow are not prescription drugs and are not under the supervision of doctors; According to clinical statistics, about 15% -20% of the drug flow is not complete, incomplete drug flow requires the second Qing dynasty, greater damage to the uterus, bleeding after surgery for a long time.

4, compared with the superconducting visual flow comparison Superconducting visual flow is a disguised form of traditional B-ultrasound examination, the current hospital pregnancy check is urine test and with B-ultrasound, B-ultrasonic examination requires urination, but the implementation of surgery Need to empty the bladder, B-can not be used at this time, surgery can not be visible. Visible flow of new technology is through the endoscope, the direct view under the monitor, B-ultrasound can not determine the location, so superconducting visual flow is not a true visual sense.

5, especially suitable for early pregnancy less than 45 days of pregnancy, gestational sac development is not great, the traditional abortion surgery can not be carried out, doctors often let the patient go home until a certain pregnancy after treatment. However, the sooner the abortion operation is performed, the smaller the damage to the uterus is, and the visual abortion can make up for this deficiency. Because it can be visualized, it can effectively perform surgery for early pregnancy. The minimum pregnancy period for visually abortable surgery is 32 days.

6, and the use of hysteroscopy with hysteroscopy when the uterine cavity must be bulging, but for pregnant women, the uterine wall congestion, if the expansion of the palace, with great danger, from the medical point of view is prohibited, Therefore, hysteroscopy can not be used to guide the implementation of artificial abortion, can only be used for uterine cavity examination of pregnant women, visual flow system is precisely for women at this time the special physiological characteristics of the design and development of new products.

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