Intracervical mouth relaxation can cause miscarriage

I have had two abortions and induced labor after my marriage. He had a third child in the previous year, but he had a miscarriage in about five months. He was conceived again last year and the result was miscarried about five months later. When I was pregnant this year, I went to the hospital for an examination. The doctor said that my first two abortions were caused by the loosening of her cervix and her inability to close her mouth, and advised me to perform an intra-cervical suture. Excuse me, what is this all about?

The tension in the normal cervix is ​​large, and even if it is late in pregnancy, it can withstand intrauterine pressure. However, if the inner cervix is ​​defective and becomes very loose, it will be difficult to withstand the intrauterine pressure in the mid-term pregnancy. Under the gravity of the fetus and amniotic fluid, the inner cervix of the cervix will be under the pressure of the uterus. , it will be opened in advance, leading to the occurrence of late abortion.

Congenital factors caused by intracervical mouth relaxation is very rare, the vast majority of cervical intraoral relaxation and artificial abortion and induction of labor-related surgery, especially in the month of abortion curettage, easily damage the cervix, resulting in muscle fibers and elastic fibers The tissue breaks, causing relaxation of the cervix. Therefore, prevention of cervical intraoral relaxation is mainly to do a good job in family planning, to prevent or reduce unwanted pregnancies and the resulting abortion and induction of labor.

The late abortion caused by cervical intraoral relaxation is caused by the incompatibility of intrauterine uterine cavity pressure and is not caused by uterine contractions. Therefore, progesterone, sedatives, and miscarriage of traditional Chinese medicine all failed to stop the expansion and opening of the cervix and prevented the occurrence and development of miscarriage. Bed rest is often not helpful. Therefore, once diagnosed, cervical sutural suture should be performed.

The late abortion caused by the relaxation of the cervix in the mouth occurred in the same pregnancy as the previous abortion, so the suture must be performed before the first abortion gestational week. Before surgery, vaginitis should be ruled out first. If there is vaginitis, it should be treated first. After cure, it is feasible to use intracervical suture. When the pregnancy is full-term or when there are signs of labor, the sutures can be removed and the baby can be successfully delivered. After cervical suture, progesterone and sedatives should be given to inhibit uterine contractions that may be caused by surgery to stabilize the fetus. Sexual life should also be prohibited after surgery.

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