Which pests need to be prevented after flowering

Before and after flowering of apple, it refers to 10 days to 15 days after the beginning of the apple tree germination, and the time is generally from early April to early May. During this period, most of the overwintering pests have begun to be active, and natural enemy beneficial insects have also been involved in activities. Apple tree rot continues to spread its hazards; Hawthorn leafhoppers produce a large number of cicadas and feed on buds; apple leaf roller moths, pear caterpillars and other larvae also suffer from bud damage under cut-offs and sparse skins; Buds and flower buds; apple astragalus, apple aphid wintering eggs also began to hatch, bud damage. The comprehensive prevention and control work during this period must be focused on the prevention and control of the main harmful objects. On the other hand, we should pay attention to the protection of natural enemies, try to use selective pesticides that have little effect on natural enemies, or minimize the use of natural enemies in pesticide application. hurt. For the year's comprehensive prevention and control work to create a good situation. The main control objects in this period are apple tree rot disease, powdery mildew, hawthorn leafhopper, food flower beetle, aphid, and so on. They should be treated as universally controlled or treated according to the occurrence. First, do a good job in the prevention and treatment of apple rot disease spots. On the basis of early spring curettage, conduct another inspection and continue to adhere to the curettage and disease spot disinfection and protection. When the applicator is sterilized, it must be sterilized again to prevent recurrence of the disease. The apple trees suffering from major diseases in the trunk, main branch, and main branch can be bridged to communicate nutrients, restore the tree vigor, and retain large branches of results. Second, control of leafhoppers and powdery mildew in the pre-flowering hawthorn leaf buds emerge in the flood season (in April, mid-April) and apple all-jaw covetous overwintering eggs hatching, flowering generation if the peak period (from the end of April to early May) , When the female adult pupa averages 1 head to 2 heads per leaf, the entire garden is immediately prevented and treated, and the sprayed net is 3000 times or nisolisol 1500 times. It is also possible to use 50% sulfur suspension 2000 times, which can also be used to control white powder. disease. If powdery mildew occurs seriously and the shoot tip damage rate reaches 5%, 15% triadimefon can be sprayed 1500-2000 times or 12% myclobutanil 3000-times. The effect is very good. If both diseases and pests occur at the same time, the medicines for controlling leafhoppers and powdery mildew can be mixed and used. Third, to kill the golden tortoise A flowering period harm the golden tortoise shell is mainly apple hair turtle, small blue and white turtle and black cashmere beetle. You can use the tortoiseshell nature of the golden tortoiseshell to kill the tree in the early morning and early evening, or spread 4% of the enemy horse powder on the ground, and kill the fallen adult. You can also set black light clusters in the orchard or hang traps to seduce black velvet beetles. Fourth, the main control object of the application of pesticides to control the flowering stage is Spiraea, apple jaundice and apple tumor. Can be controlled by the following two methods. 1Drying of Pharmacy: In the early stages of mid-April and late-stage locust occurrence, use a brush to apply a diluted drug with a systemic effect to the upper part of the main stem or the base of the main branch, and apply a 6-cm ring. . If the tree is rough, you can scrape the rough skin first, but don't hurt the tender skin. It can be slightly white, coated with plastic film or waste newspaper. 10% imidacloprid can be used 100 times liquid agent, the effect is very good, and does not harm the natural enemies, but the efficacy is slow, effective after 3 days to 5 days after coating, it should be used in the initial stage. 2 spray on the tree: When it happens, it can be sprayed with selective agent 0.6% to 4000 times before the leaf rolling or just before the leaf rolling. It is recommended that the tumor should be used before flowering. Poor use of medication. Fifth, the control of Tianniu pests The damage of the apple Tianniu is mainly Sang Tianniu, pear eye Tianniu, Zhi Tianniu and so on. For the prevention and control of long-horned cows, aluminum phosphide tablets can be used to block the mud seal or 80% dichlorvos 1500 times injection method.