How to Correctly Select Colored Agricultural Film for Crops

According to relevant agricultural experts, colored agricultural film has Miao Qi, Miao Zhuang, early maturity, increase production, water retention, add light, eliminate grass, disease resistance, pest control and other effects. Different colors of agricultural film absorb, refract, and reflect light differently, and have different effects on various types of crops, and their economic benefits are quite different. Therefore, farmers must use different colors of agricultural film for different crops in order to receive the effect of increasing production and income. The following describes the commonly used 10 different types of colored agricultural film for farmers' friends to use in production.
1, red film: suitable for rice, beets, leeks, cucumbers, tomatoes and other crops, can promote early maturity, can increase production.
2, blue film: mainly used for rice, can also be used for cotton, potatoes, eggplant, sweet peppers, strawberries, etc., high light transmittance, high seedling rate, seedling strong.
3, black film: can effectively prevent the evaporation of water in the soil and inhibit the growth of weeds, suitable for summer radish, cabbage, spinach, autumn cucumber and so on.
4, purple membrane: suitable for winter and spring greenhouse or plastic greenhouse solanaceous fruit and green leafy vegetables, can improve the quality and promote early maturing.
5, green film: increase the green light, inhibit the growth of weeds, mainly used for eggplant, strawberries and melon crops.
6, yellow film: suitable for tea, celery, lettuce, dwarf beans, cucumber and other crops. Growth is strong, early maturity and increased yield.
7, silver gray film: light reflectance up to 40%, can reflect ultraviolet light, repelling aphids, whitefly, reduce pests and diseases, maintain water and soil and weeding and other functions, suitable for cucumber, watermelon, tomatoes, celery, spinach, cotton, Flue-cured tobacco and other crops.
8, black and white double-sided film: cover the white on the top, black in the next, mainly used for summer and autumn vegetables, fruits and other disease-resistant heat cultivation, with cooling, water, add light, kill grass and other functions.
9, silver and black double-sided film: cover the silver face up, black down, there are reflective repellent locusts, disease prevention and weeding water and other functions, mainly used for summer and autumn vegetables, melons and other disease-resistant heat cultivation.
10, silver reflective film: with reflective insulation and lowering the temperature effect, reflective rate of 80-100%, for orchard coverage, can make fruit trees grow well, increase production significantly; if suspended in the greenhouse cultivation north side, can improve the greenhouse Light conditions in the area promote premature maturation and increase production.