The proper use of sprinkler

1. Before use 1 When using a V-belt drive, the power machine spindle and the pump must be parallel and the pulleys must be aligned. The center distance must not be less than twice the sum of the diameters of the two pulleys. When the water pump is connected to the power machine, it should be equipped with a common chassis, using a claw-type elastic coupling, pay attention to the concentricity of the power machine's main shaft and the water pump shaft. 2 The installation height of the pump (based on the water surface of the suction tank) should be lower than the allowable vacuum height of 1-2 meters. The soil at the job site should be solid to prevent collapse or fall into the ground. 3 Intake pipe installation should pay special attention to prevent air leakage. The filter should be completely submerged in water, its depth is about 30 cm. And keep a certain distance with the bottom of the pool and the wall of the pool to prevent inhalation of impurities such as mud and sand and air. 4 When laying out the water pipe, the hose should avoid friction with stones, bark and other objects, avoid wheel pressure and pedestrian trampling, and do not contact the running parts. The hose should be rolled into a disc shape and never touch the ground. The hard pipe should be dismantled into a single section and prohibited from moving in multiple sections to prevent wear and damage to the pipes and joints. Avoid sun exposure and rain in pipes to prevent deformation or aging of plastic pipes. 5 Support the airframe on the ground, and arrange the end face of the sprayer joint as far as possible so that the cough can rotate evenly, and then fix the spray stand. Install the sprinkler head on the sprayer and check if the sprinkler rotates flexibly. Pull the rocker arm to see if the elasticity is appropriate. Fill the rotating part with an appropriate amount of oil. Then wipe off the quick connector. 6Before starting, check whether the direction of rotation of the pump shaft is correct and whether the rotation is even. There should be no abnormal phenomena such as jams or abnormal sounds. 7 Before starting the centrifugal pump, the pump should be filled with water until it is filled with water inlet pipe and pump body. 2. Precautions for use 1 After the pump starts, no water will be discharged for 3 minutes. Check the machine when it stops. 2 If any abnormal phenomenon (noise, vibration, water drop, etc.) occurs during operation of the pump, stop immediately. Pay attention to the temperature rise of the bearing. The temperature must not exceed 75°C. 3 Observe whether the nozzle works normally, whether there is uneven rotation, too fast or too fast, or even no rotation phenomenon. Observe that the steering is flexible and there are no abnormalities. 4 It should be avoided to use sprinkler irrigation with water with excessive silt content, otherwise the coughing mouth of pump impeller and cough can easily be worn, and the growth of crops can be affected. 5 In order to adapt to different soil quality and crops, nozzles need to be replaced. When adjusting the rotation speed of the nozzle, it can be achieved by tightening or loosening the rocker spring. The rocker arm is suspended on the rocker shaft and can also be rotated to adjust the depth of water entering the head of the rocker arm to control the rotational speed of the spray head. Adjusting the reversal position can change the reversal speed. 6 The sign of good nozzle speed adjustment is to use slow rotation speed as far as possible without generating surface runoff. Generally, the small nozzle rotates one revolution in 1-2 minutes, and the middle nozzle rotates one revolution in 3-4 minutes. The large nozzle 5 - Turn 1 lap in 7 minutes. 3. Maintenance 1 Loose parts of the unit should be fastened. 2 Lubricate the lubrication parts on time to ensure good lubrication and normal operation. The maintenance of the power unit and the water pump of the 3 units should be carried out according to the relevant instructions. 4 When the sprinkling irrigation unit is stopped for a long time, the water in the pump body must be drained, the water pump and sprinkler should be dismantled, the water stain should be wiped clean, the oil coating and assembly should be done, and the import and export package should be kept and stored in a dry place. The pipe should be washed and dried (the hose is coiled into a disk) and placed in a cool, dry place. Do not place the above components in places with high pH and high temperatures. 5 Threads (or quick connectors) and rust-prone areas on the rack should be properly oiled.