Hybrid rape fertilization should be sufficient

Some farmers in the cultivation of hybrid rapeseed, the base fertilizer application is seriously insufficient, there are few farmyard manures, there is a phenomenon of diazo light phosphorus and potassium in chemical fertilizer application; application of topdressing fertilizer is not timely, the number is less, the amount is not enough, only topdressing available nitrogen fertilizer, not topdressing Phosphorus and Potassium Fertilizers and Organic Fertilizers; Rarely Applying Wax Fertilizers, Manure Fertilizers, and Flower Fertilizers; Not Paying Attention to Boron Fertilizers or Even Boron Fertilizers When planting hybrid rapeseed, the principle of fertilization should be adhered to. Basal fertilizer is generally 1500-2000 kg of organic fertilizer per mus, such as pigs, cattle and sheep fat, 20 kg of urea, 30-40 kg of superphosphate, 30 kg of potassium chloride, 1-1.5 kg of boron fertilizer, etc. Amount of organic fertilizer plus 25% (10-6-9) of rapeseed compound fertilizer (including boron) 50-60 kg. Seedling fertilizer is dominated by nitrogen fertilizer. Fertilization should be early. Generally, the first time seedlings are applied after transplanting live seedlings in rape, and 6 kg of urea or 15 kg of ammonium bicarbonate is used per mu, and 500 kg of water or diluted human or animal waste water is poured. Shi; The second time in the opening period of rapeseed, the amount of Zhuojia. For rapeseed growing poorly, the number of topdressing applications was increased depending on the seedling condition. The wax fertilizer is dominated by organic fertilizers. Before the winter season (from late December to early January), earth miscellaneous fertilizer, manure, livestock and manure, and fire and earth ash are spread over the rapeseed rows, and the soil is ploughed through shallow cultivators. Warming antifreeze, growth should be applied early. According to the long-term growth of rapeseed, it is determined that the application time is generally at the beginning of February. Generally, 3-5 kg ​​of urea per acre will be added to water points. The fertilizer is generally used outside the roots, topdressing methods, 1.5 kg of urea per mu and potassium dihydrogen phosphate 0.15 kg of water and 75 kg of water sprayed in the initial flowering period, the growing field can not apply urea. Boron fertilizer is applied early. In the absence of boron, rape seedlings will appear young leaves, leaf veins turn green and yellow, leaf petioles are slender, purple-red patches on the leaves, roots are weak, root bark turns brown, and even the swelling of the neck and other symptoms; to the flowering period, appear Leaf hypertrophy. Leaf rewinding, uneven foliage, flowering malformation (or dwarfing or elongation), pollen development is not normal, only flowering is not strong or small grains and other phenomena, resulting in reduced rapeseed production. In order to ensure the high quality and high yield of hybrid rapeseed, boron fertilizer must be applied. Generally, 1.2-1.5 kg of borax per acre is used as the main application; if symptoms of boron deficiency occur in the middle and later stages, it must not be exceeded during the budding period of rapeseed. In the convulsions period, the selected sunny days were sprayed with 0.1-0.15 kg of borax per acre.

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