Nourishing kidney and 10 kinds of food to raise body

As the saying goes, what do you eat? But do you know what food nutrition is needed for the brain, heart, lungs, and hair? Xiao Bian now provides you with a full-scale “food map” that tells you about dietary secrets from head to toe so that you can eat beautifully and eat well.

Brain Protector: Spinach

Because of the “reduced food” that contains components such as carotene and superoxide dismutase, it can prevent cerebral blood vessel lesions and protect the brain. What are the "reduction foods"? Experts believe that spinach bears the brunt. Followed by leeks, onions, pea pods, tomatoes, carrots, small green vegetables, soybeans, garlic leaves and other vegetables, walnuts, peanuts, pistachios, cashews, pine nuts, almonds and other shell food, and brown rice, liver soup and so are worth You choose when you make brain.

Eye Care: Sweet Potato

Vitamin A is known as the "small guardian of the eye." If the human body lacks it, the ability of the eyes to feel weak light will decline, and the ability to adapt to the dark environment will also diminish. When it is severe, it will be susceptible to night blindness. Vitamin A is transformed from carotene. In addition to carrots, sweet potatoes are also rich in carotene, can provide a wealth of vitamin A, can enhance vision, and eat sweet potatoes are good for the skin.

Hair Care: Kelp

Speaking of hair care food, you may know a lot, such as black sesame that can make hair black, ginger that can make hair grow, or walnut that can make hair shine. But do you know who is the champion of food and hair care? It is kelp. Nutrition experts believe that regular consumption of kelp not only supplements the body's iodine, but also has special effects on the growth, moisturization, and shine of hair.

Lung Protection: Tomato

A recent study in the United Kingdom found that eating tomatoes more than 3 times a week can prevent respiratory diseases and protect both lungs from bacterial infections. However, the content of lycopene is inversely proportional to the content of soluble sugar in tomato, that is, the more unsweetened tomatoes, the higher the content of lycopene.

Leggings: Banana

The potassium-rich banana is the #1 leg of food in the food. It contains abundant potassium to help you stretch your leg muscles and prevent leg cramps. The second best "leg master" is celery, which has a lot of colloidal calcium carbonate that is easily absorbed by the body and can supplement the calcium requirements of the legs and prevent lower body edema.

Heart care: Deep-sea fish

German experts have published a series of experiments to prove that insisting on eating 50 grams of fish a day can reduce the incidence of heart disease by 40%, especially by eating deep-sea fish. The unsaturated fatty acids contained in fish are commonly referred to as “good fats”. They can act as natural anticoagulant helpers, lower blood pressure, inhibit myocardial excitability, and slow down heart rate to protect the heart.

Kidney Guard: Black Bean

Since ancient times, black beans have been hailed as "the Valley of the Kidney." From the appearance of black beans, you will find that its shape is similar to that of human kidneys. They are not only sweet and flat. Chinese medicine doctors believe that it also has the effect of strengthening kidneys, strengthening blood circulation, promoting blood circulation, detoxifying and moisturizing skin, and is particularly suitable for people with kidney deficiency.

Huwei: Cabbage

Kale is one of the best vegetables recommended by the World Health Organization and is known as a natural "stomach dish." People suffering from gastric ulcers and duodenal ulcers, doctors will recommend eating more cabbage. You can also mix cabbage with honey every day. This method has the effect of promoting ulcer healing.

Armor: Eggs

Healthy nails are pink because there is ample blood supply. If the nail changes abnormally, it is often caused by lack of nutrition or other potential symptoms. While a high-protein diet is necessary for maintaining healthy nails, eggs are a good source of protein.

Skin Care: Broccoli
Excellent taste, or the famous "anti-cancer warrior", especially in the prevention and treatment of gastric cancer, breast cancer, skin cancer is particularly good. It is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C and carotene, can enhance the skin's resistance to damage and help maintain skin elasticity.

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