Why do lotus roots only grow without leaves?

A peasant friend asked: We have a lot of lotus roots here, and the leaves are very lush, but the yield of wolfberry is not high. How is this going? Agricultural experts believe that the main reason is that there is no balanced fertilization, more N fertilizer application, and less K fertilizer application. In order to achieve high quality and high yield of lotus root, it is necessary to reduce nitrogen, control phosphorus, and increase potassium. So, what should you pay attention to when fertilizing lotus roots? According to experts, the growth and development of lotus roots are divided into three stages, namely the budding stage, the prosperous period and the scarring stage. Germination appears from the sprouting of the plants to the standing leaves. The new roots are formed in the rear leaves of the leaves, mainly through the storage of nutrients; long-term cultivation of leaves from the plants to the beginning of the scab, with a large demand for nutrients, is the critical period for top dressing; from the scab to the harvest, and Lotus seeds developed synchronously, nutrient absorption decreased, and most stem and leaf nutrient transferred to lotus root and lotus seeds. According to this, a total of three fertilizers should be applied: Before transplanting basal fertilizers into the fields, the general Mushi rotted 2000 to 3,000 kilograms of high-quality farmyard manure and 40 to 50 kilograms of general-purpose compound manure. There are two top dressings: the first is a vertical leaf fertilizer, when there are 3 to 5 vertical leaves in the field, 25 to 30 kg of N and P compound fertilizers are applied in the MUS; the second time is the Mt. 30 to 35 kg of compound fertilizer. Is Shallow Water Field and Sham Shui Po Fertilizing the Same? Experts believe that shallow rice fields can be used as both compound fertilizers and single fertilizers. Drainage before application, shallow water fertilization, restore the water layer two days after application. In deep-water fields, the compound fertilizer is mixed with the soil, which prevents the fertilizer from floating.

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