Pollution-free tomato simple ripening method

Most vegetable farmers use chemical drugs to ripen tomatoes, such as ethephon and red reagents. Chemicals are not only easy to pollute tomatoes, but also endanger human health. How to use a safe and feasible method to speed up the ripening of tomato? Vegetable farmers can try the following methods:

First, warm water treatment. The tomato was soaked in warm water of 23°C to 25°C for 6 to 9 hours and then taken out in the air to allow it to mature naturally.

Second, warming ripening. The tomatoes to be ripened are piled up in places with higher temperatures, such as hotbeds, greenhouses, and indoor areas, to promote their ripening. Appropriate ripening temperature of 25 °C ~ 30 °C, relative humidity of 85% ~ 90%. If the temperature is too high, it will easily cause shrinkage and decay.

Third, alcohol ripening. The tomato is rinsed in about 95% alcohol solution, wrapped in paper, placed in a wooden box, and then ripened at a temperature of 18°C ​​to 20°C. With this ripening method, there is also the effect of preventing fruit rot.

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