Wet cotton storage

1. The seed cotton should be stored in a warehouse, and the warehouse must be kept dry. Cover the floor with clean and dry bricks. There must be a certain gap between the bricks and the bricks. The width should not be less than 20 cm to ensure the circulation of air. The bricks should be covered with bamboo mats or mattresses, and the cotton should be stacked.

2. Picked-up cotton should not be directly exposed to the ground. It should be spread on bamboo beds or bamboo curtains. The drying speed is fast, and it will not be mixed with "three wires." When the cotton is sunk to the point that the cottonseed can issue a crisp “click” when biting by teeth, the moisture content of the seed cotton is generally about 7.5%, which can meet the humidity requirements of long-term storage.

3. The flowers of stamens, flowers before frost and flowers after frost should be collected according to the degree of good or bad of cotton. The stamens and post-frost flowers should be distinguished from those before frost and should be sold separately. Although various kinds of cotton are mixed together, they will sell a few dollars more in terms of surface weight, but at the same time they will lower the price of all the good cotton sold.

4. Try not to use plastic woven bags, such as packaging cotton shipments or used as a binding rope, to minimize the "three wires" to prevent mixing. Cotton bags are picked and transported, bags are changed to white cotton bags, and storage personnel wear cotton cloth caps to prevent hair from falling into the cotton.

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