Various practical parameters of high and low temperature test chamber

Various practical parameters of high and low temperature test chamber

The high and low temperature box has a wide temperature control range, and its performance indicators all meet the technical requirements of the national standard GB/T10592 high and low temperature test chamber, which is suitable for environmental test test A: low temperature test method according to GB/T2423.1, 2 , Test B: High Temperature Test Method" The product is tested for low temperature and high temperature. Suitable for high and low temperature testing of electrical and electronic products (including components, equipment and other products);

2). This product is advanced and reasonable in design, and can adapt to long-term, stable, safe and reliable test requirements.

At the same time, it is equipped with a vacuum transparent window, which can clearly see the test state of the studio, and adopts advanced imported digital display.

The temperature controller is intuitive, easy to operate, and has an internationally advanced level.

3). The main components of this type of products are imported, with excellent performance, beautiful appearance and good reliability. It is an ideal choice for laboratory environmental testing equipment.

High and low temperature test chamber

Use of equipment

The equipment is mainly for the electrical, electronic products, as well as their original devices, and other materials in the high temperature, low temperature environment storage, transportation, use of the adaptability test.

The test equipment is mainly used to carry out environmental simulation test on the physical and other related characteristics of the product under low temperature, high temperature and condition according to the requirements of national standards or user's own requirements. After the test, the performance of the product is judged by testing. Whether it can still meet the predetermined requirements for product design, improvement, identification and factory inspection.

Structural characteristics of the equipment

The equipment mainly consists of a tank, a refrigeration system, a heating system, an air circulation system and a control system.

The outer casing of the cabinet is electrostatically sprayed with cold-rolled steel plate. The inner tank is made of high-quality 304SUS stainless steel plate. The large angle observation window is arranged in the middle of the box door, and the observation lamp is equipped, so that the user can clearly see the test condition of the sample. The overall appearance is beautiful and generous. The insulation layer is made of rigid polyurethane foam with a small amount of ultra-fine glass wool, which has the characteristics of high strength and good heat preservation.

The main temperature control instrument of the device adopts intelligent digital display temperature and humidity control instrument, and the user-friendly design operation method is easy to learn and use, and the instrument operation of different functional grades is compatible with each other. The input uses a digital correction system, built-in common thermocouple and thermal resistance nonlinear correction table, the measurement is accurate and stable. With position adjustment and AI artificial intelligence adjustment function, 0.2 level accuracy, a variety of alarm modes. Temperature rise, temperature drop, humidification, dehumidification independent, unique BTHC balance temperature adjustment and humidity control.

The refrigeration system adopts the French “Taikang” fully enclosed imported compressor unit, mechanical single-stage refrigeration or overlapping low-temperature loop system, fully automatic control and safety protection coordination system. The heating uses a stainless steel finned heating tube.

The device is manufactured on the basis of one of the following standards or a combination thereof

GB 10589-89 low temperature test chamber technical conditions

GB 10592-89 high and low temperature test chamber technical conditions

GB 11158-89 high temperature test chamber technical conditions

GB/T5170.2-1996 Electrical and electronic products environmental testing equipment basic parameters verification method temperature test equipment

GB2423.1-89 Basic test procedures for electric and electronic products Test A: Low temperature test method

GB2423.2-89 Basic test procedures for electric and electronic products Test B: High temperature test method

GB2424.1-89 Basic environmental test procedures for electric and electronic products - Guide to high temperature and low temperature test

Main technical indicators of high and low temperature box equipment

1. Temperature range: -70 ° C, -40 ° C, -20 ° C ~ +150 ° C

2. Temperature fluctuation: ±0.5 °C

3. Temperature uniformity: ≤ ± 2 ° C

4. Temperature rise and fall rate: 0.7~1°C/min (can be customized according to customer requirements)

5. Heating rate: 2 ~ 3 ° C / min

Safety protection device for high and low temperature box equipment

1. Power overload, short circuit protection

2. Ground protection

3. Over temperature protection

4. Compression overvoltage, overload protection

5. To protect the device, all alarms automatically turn off the power and an audible alert.

Conditions for use of high and low temperature box equipment:

1. Temperature: 15 ° C ~ 35 ° C

2. Relative humidity: no more than 85% RH

3. No strong vibration around, no strong electromagnetic field influence

4. No high concentration of dust and corrosive substances around

5. Direct sunlight or direct exposure to other heat sources

6. There is no strong airflow around, and when the surrounding air requires forced flow, the airflow should not be blown directly onto the cabinet.

7. The test chamber should be placed in a stable and level condition.

8. A certain distance should be left around the test box to facilitate maintenance operations.

9. Good ventilation in the installation site

10. Single phase (220V 50Hz) 3KW

11. Good grounding
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