Prickly pear ray irradiation preservation

Guizhou Agricultural College used 10.32 coulombs/kg (40,000 roentgens) to drill 600 γ-rays to irradiate the Rosa roxburghii, and then it was packaged in a 0.077 mm thick polyethylene film bag and stored at a temperature of 0 to 5°C. Irradiation with radiation has a certain inhibitory effect on the respiration intensity of the fruit. The maximum amount of carbon dioxide emission is 46.24 mg/kg per hour, and the peak rise and fall are relatively slow. Tests have shown that after 50 days of radiation storage of Rosa roxburghii, vitamin C content increased, compared to 15.7% increase in storage, after 44 days of irradiation, good fruit rate was 59.6%, and only 37% without irradiation.