Other Names Zhencao Ning, Roundup


An organophosphorous herbicide, scientific name N-(o-acylmethyl)glycine. The pure product is a white solid with a solubility in water of 1.2% (at 25 degrees Celsius). Low toxicity to humans and animals. Acute oral LD50 was 4320 mg/kg in rats and rabbit dermal LD50 was >7940 mg/kg. Low toxicity to fish.

The weeding properties of Glycyrrhiza uralensis were discovered by DD Baird et al. in 1971 and developed and produced by Monsanto. By the 1980s, it had become an important herbicide in the world.

Formulations 10%, 20% liquid agent.

It is characterized by a chronic, non-productive herbicide that absorbs and transmits whole plants through the stems and leaves of weeds, kills the weeds, and quickly decomposes in the soil. It can only be used as a stem and leaf treatment and is effective for both annual and perennial weeds. . The scope of application is applicable to crops such as orchards, tea gardens, mulberry fields, forest trees, farmland, etc. The use of fallow arable land, field borders, roads, railways, etc. controls 1 year old and perennial grasses, sedge weeds and broadleaf weeds.


1. Orchards, mulberry fields, etc. Weeding control 1 year old weeds with 0.5-1 kg of water per acre of 10%, control of weeds with perennial 1 to 1 kg of water per acre with 10%. 20-30 kg of water, direct spray on weed stems and leaves.

2. Farmland weeding farmland before weeding sowing to prevent the growth of weeds in the field, the amount of medication can refer to orchard weeding. During the growing period of cotton, it is necessary to use directional spraying with a cover spray. Per acre with 10% water agent 0.5-0.75 kg, 20-30 kg of water.

3. Weeding, Tanabe, roadside weeding in the weeds 4-6 leaf stage, with 0.5-1 kg of 10% water agent per acre, plus diesel 100 ml, water 20-30 kg, weed spray.


1. Glyphosate is a phytotoxic herbicide. Do not contaminate crops when spraying, so as not to cause phytotoxicity.

2. For the perennial vicious weeds, such as Imperata cylindrica, Cyperus rotundus, etc., 1 month after the first drug administration, 1 additional drug can be used to achieve the desired control effect.

3. Add appropriate amount of diesel oil and detergent in the liquid to increase the efficacy.

4. In sunny days, the effect of medication is good at high temperature, and should be sprayed in case of rain within 6-8 hours after spraying.

5.Spray appliances should be cleaned repeatedly.

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