Potato Partial Pest Control Measures

Locusts: Control methods: Early sowing can be timely, to avoid the peak period of locusts, field hanging silver gray film to avoid maggots, but also can be used to lure the butter plate sticky locusts, locusts with 50% eradication Wei Wei EC, or 2.5% Kung Fu EC each 1500 times liquid and other low-toxic pesticides control. 22% dichlorvos smoke agent can be used in the shed to control smoking.

Root-knot nematodes: Control methods: Rotation should be carried out. In the hazard period, avermectin is used to irrigate the roots at a dose of 1000-1500 times. Each strain is 50-100 ml and has a good control effect.

Astragalus membranaceus: warm and humid conditions conducive to the occurrence of tea aphids, can be used 15% fluorenone 3000 times, or 73% of Keziite EC 2000 times, or 5% Nisole EC 2000 times spray control.

Ground tigers: Small ground tigers have serious damage in spring, and yellow ground tigers can endanger both spring and autumn, and can use sweet and sour alcohol (6:3:1) to add water 10 times + 90% trichlorfon and mix well and put them in containers. Trap in the field, or fry bran, bean cake, add 90% trichlorfon, use water as a poison bait, sprinkle poison in the field, or treat soil with 3% Bayer pellets 2-5 kg ​​per mu.

蛴螬: 蛴螬 is omnivorous. Deep plowing in the fall and early spring, and freezing of adult or larvae, the larvae use 90% trichlorfon 800-1000 times during the larvae, or sprinkled in the ground or sow when sowing; or use 50 % Phoxim EC 800 times solution root irrigation, 150-250 grams of water per strain, or 25% of carbaryl wettable powder 800 times control.

Cockroaches: There are mainly Oriental eel and North China eel. Adults and nymphs take the potato block and it will cause serious damage. Decomposed organic fertilizers should be applied and black light traps in the field to kill adult insects. Seed potatoes are treated with poison valleys, baits, and chemicals to treat the soil. During the growth period, 50% phoxim EC, 48% Difen EC 2000x, or 5% GJ suspension can be used for root irrigation.

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