A) Properties and Functions Fluorine fluoride is an alcoholic organic compound. It is a colorless or slightly yellow transparent oily liquid with a slightly sour taste. It is easily miscible with water, alcohol and ether. Chemically stable, but volatile in the air, is a plant-absorbing agent that can remain in the plant for 20-30 days. With selective virulence, the incubation period is generally 2-3 hours, and the rodents eat more than 24 hours after bait, and there are also up to 72 hours. Is extremely toxic, the risk of secondary poisoning than fluoroacetamide and sodium fluoroacetate (the state has banned). Chickens and ducks are very tolerant to ganflu.

(II) Preparations Glycol and fluorochemical preparations generally contain 75% to 80% of the active ingredient. They are volatile liquids and must be stored in plastic drums. When preparing the bait, it is stored in the obturator for 4-8 hours, and then used after the poison is absorbed by the bait.

Fluorine poison bait preparation method:

1. Soak bait method Weigh the required amount of bait into the tank or other container, add the equivalent of 25% of the bait amount of water and 1.5% of the bait amount of the mixed solution of fluorogenic liquid, and then into the appropriate amount of warning color (use Both red and blue inks can be used. Stir well (poisonous water should be able to pass through the bait). Cover the mouth of the container with a plastic cloth and soak for a day and night. Remove and dry the skin (do not expose it to direct sunlight). Stir in 1% of the food. Stains or 2% -3% of sugar or salt or a small amount of white wine can enhance palatability in rats.

2. Mix boring bait method to take the required amount of bait in the container, spray the equivalent of 15% of the bait amount of water and 1.5% of the bait amount of the mixed solution of fluorogenic liquid, mix well, covered with plastic cloth stuffy 4-8 Hours or more. This method saves time, but friends have a short validity period.

The difference between the soaked bait method and the boring poison bait method is that the former adds more water, the soaking time is longer, the venom is soaked into the bait, and it is not easy to volatilize and has a long effective period. The latter added less water, and the boring time was short. The venom can only be immersed in the surface layer of the bait, which is volatile and attenuated. The period of validity is short.

3. Poisonous water shortages such as grain storage, the use of fluoridated toxic water effect is good. Poisonous water preparation method: Prepare 80% Glyphosate 1 kg of water and 159 kg of water to make a 0.5% solution of GFA into a number of flat-bottomed dishes or glass jars or bottles (placed obliquely) and place them under the corner of the fieldside. After stealing food, drinking water kills. In particular, it is effective in killing the Rattus norvegicus, but it is not effective for mice that do not like drinking water.

4. Toxic paste 80% Fluorine Fluorine 1 kg Water 53 kg Prepared as 1.5% fluorinated water and paste with flour, wrapped in paper or cotton cloth for rat burrowing, and bite by the time the mouse passed, causing poisoning death .

(3) Use Methods Fluorine is generally used in farmland and grasslands to eradicate wild mice. Such as the control of Daur Chinchilla, moles, plateau pika, Mongolian gerbils, black wire apodemus, hamsters and Rattus norvegicus, Mus musculus and so on. The use of bait concentration of 0.5% -2%, bait used rice, wheat, etc., such as the prevention and treatment of non-toxic bait herbivorous rodents drought, can be used as a food bait bait formulation is very good.

1. To control the yellow rat plateau pika and other hole injection bait, each hole cast about 15 capsules. Prevention and treatment indicators, prevention and treatment period and methods refer to Lewandang prevention and treatment methods.

2. Prevention of moles adopting a hole-feeding method (cf. bromadiolone for the control of the mole method) and inserting the poisonous bait on the underground tunnel of the moles, 2-3 grams per hole, feeding amount of 30-50 grams per acre or About 30 centimeters from the mouse hole in the ground.

3. Prevention of Apodemus agrarius, hamsters with 0.5% fluoridated wheat or corn baits, one-time feeding, mu baiting amount of about 50 grams, cast in the four sides. The time and method of prevention and treatment can be referred to the use of bromadiolone.

4. Control house rats with 1% gluten wheat or rice, rice poison baits, indoor each room (15 square meters) voted two piles, each pile of 15-20 grains, outdoor farmland use 0.5% Gan fluorine bait, poisoning bait per acre About 50 grams can be. Reference can be made to Flumetone prevention and treatment methods.

(4) Precautions

1. Choose bait to draw locally, fresh and palatable. Mouldy, deteriorating foods are used as bait. Rats do not like to eat, affecting the results.

2. Preparation of poison baits should be less in people and livestock, far from the source of water. Used utensils, washed and dried for one month before use, but not for life utensils.

3. The water for washing utensils can be poured into the toilet and cannot be used for pouring vegetables. Tools must be used to poison baits. Wash your hands after the job is completed.

4. If you want to use the existing equipment and special personnel to keep it safe, the remaining poison baits must be taken back and cannot be taken home. Once the original medicine packaging leaks liquid medicine, people should stand in the upward trend to clear up and strengthen protective measures to prevent human and animal poisoning. Dead rats should be buried deeply.

5. This medicine is used in the field and should not be used in rural households.

6. Poisoning First Aid: If any physical discomfort is found in the course of medication, the doctor should be immediately diagnosed and found that the poisoned person should induce vomiting immediately and repeatedly gastric lavage with 0.2%-0.5% calcium chloride or diluted lime water. After gastric lavage drink milk, milk and protein water, and take calcium salts, such as calcium gluconate or calcium lactate 1-2 tablets. Oral magnesium sulfate or sodium sulfate 30 grams catharsis. The antidote is acetamide (fluonazoline), which is administered in 2 to 4 intramuscular injections of 50% aqueous solution at a daily dose of 0.3 g/kg body weight, or by oral analysis of pure solid acetamide. Pentobarbital sodium and chlorpromazine control twitching. Disable digitalis preparations.

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