Banana leaf spot

Banana leaf spot

Symptoms? The main damage to the leaves, the common brown edge gray Bo? Coal and gray sickle disease three.
Brown spot disease spot is long oval to spheroid, with dark brown edges, middle yellow-brown, grayish-brown to grayish white, yellow halos around the spot, and several lesions that can be combined into irregular patches.
Coal-blight disease mostly occurs in the margins of leaves, showing oval-shaped brown spots at the beginning, and then expands and connects with each other to synthesize plaques. The spotted surface is stained with brown moire-like ring veins, and the original individual gray-brown to gray-white lesions are still visible on the surface. .
Grey scales also originate from the margins of the leaves. At the beginning, they are also oval brown patches. They are later expanded into long ovals with sharp ends at both ends or at the ends. The gray and brown areas are gray to gray in the middle of the patches. Peripheral is yellow. The circle is spotted with concentric rings, especially at the margin near the edge.
Pathogen? The pathogens are respectively Pseudocer-cospora musae Zima. ], Helminthosporium torulosum (Syd.) Ashby and banana dark yellow [Cordana musae (zimm) Hohn. ].
What are the characteristics of the disease? Mycelia are mycelium and fruiting bodies (Cyclococcus) in the disease and sickness on the survival of the winter, with conidia spread by wind and rain for the initial invasion and re-invasion. The warm and humid season and the poor permeability of the garden are all favorable for development. Partial application of nitrogen fertilizers is easy to induce disease. Bananas are more susceptible and other bananas are more resistant to disease?
Control methods
1 Pay attention to field hygiene and remove diseased leaves.
2 Spray from 1 to 2 times between April and July to ensure that the hanging fruit line has 7 to 10 functional leaves. The drug can be used to remove 15,000 to 1 500 times of the emulsion with 25% of the enemy's strength, and every 15 days. Evenly sprayed feet can receive better control effect. Spraying 30% copper oxychloride or 70% killing the suspension or 600 times the 25% suspension should also have a certain effect.

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