The data shows that the Diam bottle stopper is actually very environmentally friendly.

Oeneo, the world's leading softwood product giant, has reduced the carbon footprint of its Diam technology bottle stoppers by 12%, the same as cork stoppers.

In 2007, the Onio Group released the carbon footprint of the cork for the first time and its impact on the environment. Investigating the use of carbon assessment methods, Diam stoppers with PVC rubber caps were found to produce a carbon footprint equivalent to 4,253 kg per ton.

After the results were released, the O'Neill Group Wine Business began working to reduce the carbon footprint of the Diam cork. O'Neillian Bennest said: "Since 2006, Diam's production has increased four-fold, but the Chinese wine industry's weather vane Huaxia wine newspaper postal code 23-189 local post office can subscribe to the actual carbon footprint only rises 3%. According to the output, it means that our Diam carbon footprint has been reduced by 60%. In the future, we will continue to focus on research to reduce the carbon footprint of the cork."

Diam is a technical cork based on cork material. It uses advanced carbon dioxide extraction technology to control TCA pollution to an almost unmeasurable level. Diam has high elasticity and sealing, and its excellent physical properties are comparable to all-natural cork. And Diam stoppers are also characterized by control of air exchange.

Onio said that the process has been scientifically proven to eliminate the perception of TCA (cork contamination) molecules in wine.

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