Artificially raise six notes

As a medicinal animal, wolfberry fruit has high economic value. However, due to lack of proper technology and experience, most squatters have failed to raise quail and have economic damage. Therefore, they remind the family members to pay attention to the following. problem.
First, to master the habits of Scorpion: Scorpion is a kind of small animal that is afraid of light and hi tide, and also has the habit of drilling small seams and hi. If the conditions required for growth and development of medlars are not met, there will be phenomena of extremely slow growth or even death. Artificial breeding should try to simulate the natural living environment of scorpion, and according to the scale of breeding and the number of pupa, build a suitable breeding pond, and use the stones, bricks or tiles to create a gap wall in the pool. The mussel has a loose space for activities, which is conducive to improving the survival rate. At the same time, it can increase the breeding area per unit area and achieve the effect of three-dimensional breeding.
Second, choose a good species, the appropriate density: choose a good species, is the basis for the development of artificial breeding. The species must select the male and female cubs that are moderate, strong, and have high reproductive rates. Because the crickets have the nature of killing each other, the individual's big culprits are small, and the unmolested culprits are being peeled off. In the breeding process, attention should be paid to the appropriate density for stocking, and the animals should be bred according to size and size. The specifications are consistent to facilitate the simultaneous growth of the medlar.
Third, the use of constant temperature feeding: Gardenia is a temperature-changing animal, has the habit of hibernation, which in the process of growth and development by the greatest impact of temperature changes. In order to increase the breeding rate of the artificial eel and make the mites grow quickly, it is necessary to release the hibernation period of the mites and raise them at a constant temperature. The scorpion has the longest active time at 28-30 degrees Celsius, the highest feed intake and the fastest growth. Therefore, heating equipment such as plastic greenhouses or coal furnace heating should be installed in the field during the winter to keep the indoor temperature within the range of 60% to 80%. However, attention should be paid to indoor ventilation.
Fourth, to avoid a single feed: Gardenia is a carnivorous animal, eat soft and juicy insects, feeding animal feed mainly, the current artificial breeding commonly used as a feed mealworm, but if the long-term use of a single feed, is bound to Cause scorpion malnutrition, it should be prepared a variety of feed, such as the addition of earthworms, earthworms, bran, etc., watermelon rind is also a good auxiliary food for scorpion. In short, the feed complex, the more conducive to the growth and development of gardenia.
5. The scientific management of the molting period: The musk crickets reach sexual maturity after 6 births. If the pupa is not molting, the growth and development will stop and death may occur at any time.
After the baby was born, she climbed onto her mother's back, and after five days the first skin was applied. The time of the skin was uniform. After the skin was crushed, it took 5 to 7 days. The chicks left the mother's back and the baby's back took the second time in about 40 days. . Due to the difference in living environment, the growth and development of individuals are inconsistent, resulting in different times of the second time. After every 50-60 days, it will be used once.
The daily average temperature during the molting period should be controlled at 25-30 degrees Celsius, the soil moisture content of the armpits is 15-20%, the relative humidity of the air is about 80%, and it enters a semi-dormant state one week before the molting. After molting, the new body is soft and lustrous, its body shape is obviously enlarged, and its muscles are tender and weak. It is very vulnerable to attack and encroachment by natural enemies or other fleas.
After feeding, it is necessary to pay attention to nutrient-rich, but also pay attention to palatability and shell feeding habits, so as not to invest in diligently, to prevent larvae from encroaching on each other due to hunger, and to feed mainly on the mealworm larvae, supplemented by substitutes. . The substitutes were made of 25% milk, 25% raw protein, 45% flour (fried), 3% brown sugar, 2% oil, and mixed into a paste. They were hand-smashed into small particles and placed on the tender leaves. can. A small amount of multivitamin can be added to the substitute to speed up the growth of the chicks.
Practice has proved that the time of molting is closely related to the content of cystine in the body. Therefore, it is necessary to properly add rat meat to pregnant and chicks. It is also possible to spray an appropriate amount of cystine solution in feeds such as Tenebrio feeding normally, which indirectly increase the cystine content in the quail. If cystine and vitamins are evenly sprinkled on fresh watermelon rind or young leaves, it is better for the pupa to eat freely. However, attention should be paid to the timely clean-up of residual food to prevent deterioration.
Sixth, do a good job in the management of the market: the management of the market will directly affect the success or failure of raising fish. Therefore, there should be a strict management system for aquaculture. Observe the activities of the dumplings every day, and record the diet, molting, birthing, disease and insect pests, and death of the dumplings. Pay attention to changes in temperature and take appropriate protective measures in time. Food and urine excrement keep the cleanliness of the market, so as to help improve the survival rate of artificial breeding.

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