Deer features in summer

First, the harvest of deer 1. Scientific breeding deer science feeding, one must be enough, enough water, so that the deer eat well, do a good job in deer health, but also to strengthen the deer's domestication and sports, prevent excessive fat or panic Abortion caused by crowding and collision; Second, the nutritional level should be relatively high, during this period the amount of doe concentrate to reach 1 to 1.25 kilograms per day, is the highest in the year, which accounted for 30% to 35% of protein meal feed , calcium phosphate 10 ~ 15 grams, 10 grams of salt. In principle, roughage should be of good quality, sufficient quantity, and diversification. At night, coarse feed must be fed more. 2. Doe calving to do "four to see" First to see the symptoms of deer calving, such as food, food, restlessness, etc.; Second, to see the dew bubble or "broken water", which is important to determine whether the difficult birth in accordance with. For the doe dystocia, to achieve three mornings: early detection, early diagnosis, early delivery. Third, we must see the deer born, because some of the first-born or deer doe postpartum has abnormal behavior of licking, hitting, biting, and abandoning the deer, and see abnormal behavior to facilitate timely control. Fourth, we must see the deer to eat the primary milk. Under normal circumstances, the deer can eat the colostrum 0.5 to 1 hour after birth. For the deer that cannot eat the primary calf, it is necessary to find the nursing deer on behalf of the deer or artificial nursing. The individual deer has 12 hours after birth, or even The survival rate of 24-hour feeding on colostrum is very low. 3. Do a good job of artificial lactation Aberdeen deer lactation deer must be fed colostrum, it is best to eat for 3 days. Breastfeeding to do: 1 regular, 30 days of age 4 times a day, 31 to 60 days of age 3 times a day, 61 to 75 days of age 2 to 4 times; 2 quantitative, deer feeding on the first day of 800 to 1000 ml, after every day plus 10 ~ 20 ml, after 60 days of age due to feed intake, can be reduced by 5 ~ 10 ml per day, of course, should be considered depending on the size of the deer weight and appetite conditions increase or decrease; 3 qualitative, to use fresh cows of disease-free cows (sheep Milk can also be boiled and sterilized. 4 constant temperature, 37 ~ 38 °C best. Daily retort sterilization of feeding utensils, do a good job in environmental hygiene. Use "pants's trousers" or isolation methods to prevent urine in the deer. 4. The establishment of a deer deer protection column A deer deer protection fence is an important measure to ensure the safety of the deer, and it is wrong for some deer fields not to pay attention. One of the protection fences should be built in the height of the sheds; the other should be grass lining, and the grass lining should be changed frequently and often exposed to the sun. 5. Doing a good deer feeding supplements can not only exercise the deer eating ability, but also exercise the deer gastrointestinal function, ready for feed intake after weaning. Supplementary feeding starts from 2 weeks after birth and is carried out in the protection column. At first, the deer does not eat or eat less. After a few days, they will gradually become accustomed to the increase in feed intake. They should be fed less frequently and fed 4 to 5 times a day. After 1 hour, the leftovers should be taken away and the sunshine must be washed. Ensure drinking water. Normally, the main reason for de-lactation of lactation deer is that it is not caused by feeding or supplementation, and it is rare for deer feeding after supplementation. 6. Aberdeen deer milk is used mostly for 1 time. The benefits of batching weaning are mainly to save deer fines expenses. 7. Doing a good job of deer domestication and deer can increase the deer's anti-stress ability and adaptability to the environment, so that vulnerable and sparse deer become docile and close to people, in order to facilitate safe production. The specific method of domestication is "constant contact." Therefore, the staff should often go deep into the deer's quarters to contact the deer; especially when the deer is exposed, the frequent contact with the deer can reduce the stress caused by the weaning, which is beneficial to growth. Second, the harvest antler 1. Strengthen the deer's nutrition Antler growth is very fast, daily gain of 100 to 200 grams, without adequate nutrition is not acceptable. Adult plum blossom male deer can digest up to 330-360 grams of crude protein per day, with an energy of 38-39 mega-cards. The standard currently adopted is that the deer's raw deer feeds 1.75-2.25 kilograms of concentrates, and some are as high as 3 kilograms, including 40% to 45% of proteinaceous protein feed, 20g of calcium hydrogen phosphate, and 15 to 20 grams of salt. . Due to more concentrates and less raw material, silage was the main factor in the early stage and green feed was the main component in the later stage. Now there have been "flour-enriched nutrients" and "fermented feed extracts" and others have been applied. Some of them are quite effective. It is necessary to pay attention to the gradual increase of feed, increase the number of feedings properly, and prevent overfeeding and feeding. 2. Grasp the harvesting standard for velvet antler The exact antler that is harvested depends on the antler's growth, shape, and fatness, as well as market conditions. In general, the deer farms have two more rounds, the Daluchang second and third. No matter what kind of specifications of pilose antler harvested, in the past, it was required to use the principle of pulling and not to open the mouth. Now, it is better to harvest in the form of not pulling and gully, otherwise, the degree of ossification will increase, and the good antler will not sell at a good price. 3. It is necessary to process velvet antler processing in China is still boiling, baking, air-dried three-step method, the specific operation varies greatly, each has its advantages. In general, it is necessary to solve the problems of lack of backwater, lack of baking, stinky, overcoking and complete destruction. Solution: One is to sell fresh antler; the other is to ask the teacher to process, and the third is to follow the program after learning. 4. To do a deer by-product processing deer by-product is a big income, the current widespread problem is that processing is not standardized. Take deerskin as an example, it is best to salt or freeze. Now many buckskins have knife wounds, wrinkles, worms, and rat bites, which should not be lost. 5. Keep deer products safe According to reports, New Zealand pilose antler eight dry, 100 plastic 50 kg packing, frozen in the cold storage, no "drop out" considerations, most of China's velvet processing in the processing room or on the floor Although no insects or rats bite, but suffer from dust and excessive weight loss, this method should be changed. 6. Prepare the male deer to spend the breeding period safely. After the adult male deer saws the head velvet, it is necessary to reduce the amount of concentrate or feed concentrate. The purpose is to control the male deer and reduce the male deer by lowering the protein. Top bucket. In early November, fine concentrates are added, and some concentrates are given in February. This method should be used with caution. 2 The male deer of the high-yielding male deer or the special top person and the top deer should be raised in a single circle (7 to 9 square meters). 3 The injection of the CA pheromone can promote the growth of the regenerelle velvet, inhibit the libido of the male deer during the breeding period, and reduce the noise. Occurs, and can produce 300% to 400% of the regenerative velvet, and the velvet shape is good and the quality is tender. It can also make the male deer during the breeding period quiet, not top frame, and reduce casualties. Third, the daily work points 1 to do a good job of health and epidemic prevention, sheds should be regularly disinfected; 2 proper storage of feed; pay attention to ventilation, drying, to prevent mildew; 3 do summer cooling work.

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