Problems with pig raising in summer

Due to the hot summer weather, the sow’s estrus duration is shorter than that of other seasons, and the estrus performance is not very obvious, so sows are prone to missed mating. If 2 to 3 sows don't get pregnant, the future pregnancy will be more difficult. Therefore, it is necessary to observe the estrus status of the sow in summer, in particular, observe it every morning and evening and find that the estrus should be bred in time. In summer, the pregnancy rate of sows after their mating is often low. The rate of miscarriage, difficult birth rate, and stillbirth, poor production, low survival rate of suckling pigs, and small weight of weaned pigs are very harmful to pig production. . The sow's feed must be fresh and must not become moldy. Feeding in the morning and evening when the temperature is low in a day, it is best to drink deep groundwater to ensure adequate clean drinking water. In the summer, it is also necessary to take measures to reduce the temperature according to local conditions. The best method is positive pressure mechanical ventilation (air blowing into the pig house). The height of the fan should be the same as the rest position under the pig and should not be too high, otherwise it will not provide ventilation. To allow sows to eat more feed, so that the sow will have enough milk, good growth of the piglet, significant weaning, and sow body condition, it is easy to estrus after weaning. Spraying water to sows is not the best way to cool down. Because the water spray can only temporarily cool down, but then the temperature rises again and the humidity increases, making it more hot and unbearable. At the same time, water spray can also cause pigs to excrete urine and urine all over the place. This can worsen the hygiene of pigsty and make it easier for pigs to get sick. In addition, the breeding density of the herd is also reduced in the summer. The most likely problem with the summer pigs of piglets is diarrhea, which causes diarrhea in piglets on the one hand because of insufficient lactation of the sow. The number of immunized antibodies obtained by the piglet through breast milk is insufficient and the resistance is weak. On the other hand, it is hot in summer, and various pathogenic microorganisms, especially E. coli, reproduce rapidly, and the pigs are weak in resistance and vulnerable to infection. In addition, some other pathogens can also cause diarrhea in piglets. Therefore, we must pay attention to maintaining the sanitation of the pig house, regular disinfection, and do a good job of all-in and all-out prevention of diarrhea. The feed for summer pigs should not only be full price but also pay special attention to freshness and palatability. Don't change feeds (including premixes, concentrates, etc.), and if necessary, add flavoring agents to increase the food intake of your pigs. In the summer, it is also necessary to ensure sufficient, clean, and cool drinking water for the piglets.

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