Grape twigs can increase production

The effect of excessive twigs to increase grape yield is very obvious. It is very easy to increase the production rate of the twigs and it can be put on the ground after the grapes are removed from the cold soil. When the germination bud grows to the size of the peanut, it is attached to the shelf. This will increase production by 2 to 40%. The top of the grape is very strong. If germination is performed in the upright state, the upper buds are over-extended, the middle buds are moderately weak, and the lower buds are inhibited or even unable to sprout, resulting in severe reduction in yield. If the shoots are germinated in a roughly horizontal and slightly lower state, the buds on the top and bottom of the shoots will germinate evenly, and the result will be normal. This is the reason for the increase in production of the twigs. Don't put on the shelf when the bud grows too much, so you have to shoot a lot of buds and cause damage.

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