Seeing Heaven to See Miao Early Spring Vegetable Transplanting "Three Looks"

Greenhouses such as plastic greenhouses and greenhouses are used for the cultivation of eggplant and melon vegetables. They are generally transplanted from late February to March in early spring, and are usually transplanted from late March to April in covered mulch. At this time the temperature is still low, more rainy, weak light, sometimes there is night cream invasion, often affecting the timely planting and transplanting quality of vegetables. Therefore, transplanting of vegetable seedlings in early spring must be “three look” and they are indispensable. Look at the sky. The eggplant, melon and melon vegetables should be transplanted with the “cold tail warmer” to avoid freezing injury and to fight for the early morning market. The transfer of seedlings should be carried out in the sunny morning, and the vegetables in the protected areas should be planted while being transplanted. If the weather is not good, even if the seedlings are very strong, they cannot be transplanted, so as not to affect the quality of planting. Look at the ground. Solanum melons and vegetables should be transplanted when the soil is wet and dry, so that the seedlings can grow root quickly and survive early. After transplanting, the protective field or open field vegetable seedlings shall be covered with a plastic film to insulate and protect the hair roots. One day before transplanting seedlings, seedlings or nutritious pots must be irrigated to facilitate soil transfer and seedlings without damaging the roots. Even if the season is late or when the seedlings are overaged, we must ensure that the soil is properly planted on the premise that the soil is dry and wet. See seedlings. Solanum melon vegetables should be selected and transplanted. The seedlings are old and strong, can improve resistance to low temperatures and resistance to late frosts, and can also fight for early-onset trees. Before the seedlings are transplanted, scientific measures should be taken to adjust the seedlings so that the seedlings can adapt to the new environment after they are planted. Move the seedlings with soil and fertilizer with water to bring medicine to transplant, so that the seedlings can grow vigorously. If the seedlings are tender and weak, although the soil is dry and wet properly, the weather is good, and it is not advisable to move the seedlings and planting too early, so as to avoid shortage of seedlings after planting seedlings, resulting in shortage of seedlings, reduction of density, and impact on yield.